‘You’re not champions, you’re cheaters! ’- Stephen A. reacts to the Astros’ apology | First Take

By | February 14, 2020

‘You’re not champions, you’re cheaters! ’- Stephen A. reacts to the Astros’ apology | First Take
‘You’re not champions, you’re cheaters! ’- Stephen A. reacts to the Astros’ apology | First Take
Do you think they’re getting off too easy here? A little bit I like with crane, had to say a lot, with the exception of one thing. , The arrogance of the Astros organization, to not concede that the cheating May well have helped them the World Series just acknowledged it either the Yankees or the Dodgers. It’S pretty clear, got cheated out of the World Series by the Astros. Let me say: Astros would not have won the World Series without sheathing. They knew what was coming and Jose.

Aldo particular is a villain here and use one of everyone’s favorite players, but see the way bregman just took responsibility said the team that organization at me. I still haven’t heard Altuve. Do it like that fast? Let me remind everyone game 1 against the Yankees the year. They got caught that this is the year there in question. Is the cheating scandals? 2017 Yankees lost one, nothing at Houston, then they lost again. He has his two one. One run in Houston, Yankee Stadium, big rigs, beat Norfolk.

What Yankees were clearly superior team when the cheating was taken away, then they went back to Astros and they beat the Yankees twice. Finally, with a walk-off by L2. It like what coming so I want to hear Jim Crane say: there’s no way to know. Maybe we did win like I understand why the owner that he’s not going to say yeah we would have lost, but I want to see him take responsibility. I don’t want to say one more thing Steve today there was an astro Excuse me yes and Astros execu, who went to the Cardinals scouting guy and started stealing stuff from the Astros and bringing it to the Cardinals right.

And you can say what was the Astros organization right that he’s with the Cardinals now, but my question is: is he exporting a culture of cheating and where does it start at the very top? I think Jim Crane’s a hell of an owner and by and large I like what he just did there. I don’t, but let me tell you something and the players getting off in terms of immunity. It’S important that the world know and at the world ultimately learn what they did. So, if you had to Grant immunity in order to make sure that we all be I’m aware of this candle, what exactly they were doing with the sign stealing Scandal.

But let’s understand something that doesn’t mean you should be acknowledged as Champions. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be stripped of Your World scram. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be excoriated and Sully for arguably the rest of your career for what you did now. You can keep your check if you could keep getting paid, but that’s about it that Championship tour. Stephanie Houston is bogus they’re not champion of champions tour. The Dodge is a champion, but y’all behind ain’t.

No, damn Champion! That’S really what this. Let me give you the seven-game series cuz, if you use have the numbers in front of you, I do and five in Yankee Stadium, they scored six rods Max, do you know all four games in Houston games, one and two they scored one run. They came back. The game, 6 scored one run game 7 New York, Yankees. You can’t score why? It’S because the pictures are being alerted you, don’t you don’t you? The pictures of the kids are working out of skin that they got.

This is what was going on in. This is egregious as it gets. This no excuse Sports whatsoever, you cheated and in the end, let me tell you something right now: baseball with their pathetic family has been Pietro’s for Life manager who bet on games. That has never been any evidence Max correct me. If I’m wrong has never been any evidence that Charlie Hustle greatest nickname in the history of sports, because you’re stop hustling Charlie hustle with his name and his illustrious playing career baseball players, they didn’t get punished.

If you ain’t Cheatin, you ain’t trying, but there’s a difference. Molly, if you’re cheating like cheating, stealing signs you, don’t hide your science better all that stuff. When you introduced technology at your home, only you have access to the other team to defend against. That is the next level of cheating and Steven a while. I don’t think they should bake 8. The championship you make buy a hell of a case for it, but there was no Champion that year baseball out of a champion, but it surely would have either been the Yankees or the.

. That’S all I’m asking. , I’m not I’m not saying. I am in no way saying that. Excuse me so the Yankees T crowd of the Dodgers shop, but the owner coming out and saying it had no impact especially be proud about the team or what you thought you were set. Your panel tube and two extension cream are still talk to say it with your chest about how proud they are thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and 4 live streaming.

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Houston Astros owner Jim Crane and players Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve addressing the sign-stealing scandal.
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