Yes, We Should Fix The Broken Oscars, But Let’s Not Look To Hollywood To Fix Us | TIME

By | February 14, 2020

Yes, We Should Fix The Broken Oscars, But Let’s Not Look To Hollywood To Fix Us | TIME
Yes, We Should Fix The Broken Oscars, But Let’s Not Look To Hollywood To Fix Us | TIME
The Academy Awards used to serve a fairly simple purpose. They were Hollywood’s way of padding itself on the back of acknowledging the best industry had to offer, but today, audiences wanted what kind of validation from The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences and the rise of streaming platforms only complicates the issue having more movies and More choices doesn’t necessarily mean our favorites will prevail. It Oscar time is back. The academy took steps to diversify its ranks, inviting more women and people of color into its membership.

The impulse was great, but if this award season is any indication, it’s not clear that the changes have done much good joke. I hit movie that seeks pity, for a white male character has been failed by Society leads with 11 nominations. Meanwhile, Greta Gerwig Little Women earn denominations in several categories wasn’t nominated for best director. That feels like a slap too many women trying to get recognition in the industry. There were other oversights. Jennifer Lopez failed to get an odd for her terrific turn in Hustlers.

Lupita Nyong’o was overlooked for the intricate performance she giving us on social media. People were understandably upset about these slides. We, in other words anyone who hopes for Progressive Democratic, open Society want or movies to better reflect the diversity of the world. We live in desperate for the Academy to follow suit, but well it’s normal to want change and to want to fix everything. That’S wrong. With Hollywood, the bigger question is this: are we sure we’re not looking to Hollywood to fix us? We go to the movies not just to see our best cell reflected, but also to help us understand ourselves at our worst.

We’Re happy that movies, like Casey Lemmons, Harriet, Tubman, biopic, Harriet and Melina matsoukas on the road drama queen and slim can get made or that parasite a movie from South Korea about skip class divisions can resonate with abroad. Group of American moviegoers. If you take the larger view, it’s been a rich year and the rise of streaming platforms is good news to a point for new filmmakers, hoping to break in Butler Wong. Director of the farewell, which features of nearly all Asian or Asian-American cast and his large, be in Mandarin with subtitles, chose to release her movie through a small Studio 824.

Even though it’s streaming service offered her twice as money streaming, deals can be favorable for establish directors like Martin Scorsese or Noah baumbach. We both made successful and Oscar nominated movies for Netflix in 2019, but Wang, a relative newcomer says that the movies the Africa release granted. It a legitimacy it might not have gotten from a streaming platform. Still the farewell failed to earn even won Oscar nomination, which points to another way. The rise of streaming affect the Academy Awards.

More movies means more movies to fall through the cracks with streaming. The public may have greater access to good movies that otherwise might not have been made it all, but that doesn’t always mean those movies will get the Oscar attention they deserve. Lots of people are deeply invested in the Oscars argument, fixing the Oscars to the extent that it’s even possible won’t solve society’s bigger problems. Hollywood is a big business, Tiny Town and it’s a Ward’s body is never going to be the answer to the Publix prayers.

The Academy Awards used to serve a fairly simple purpose. They were Hollywood’s way of patting itself on the back, of acknowledging the best the industry had to offer.
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Yes, We Should Fix The Broken Oscars, But Let’s Not Look To Hollywood To Fix Us | TIME

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