William Barr Reopens Probe Into Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea | Deadline | MSNBC

By | February 16, 2020

William Barr Reopens Probe Into Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea | Deadline | MSNBC
William Barr Reopens Probe Into Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea | Deadline | MSNBC
Take me through, what’s being reported right now about what looks like another sort of special counsel like examination into the investigators who investigated a trem pal, I have told us, is that ask to dude the US attorney in St Louis to look into an inquiry into the Flynn case specifically, this is FBI interview, which is at the center of really everything having to do with Flynn. Understanding is, it happened very recently and once we’re supposed, it was very sensitive, so it was not necessarily something that they wanted to be have out in the open, like we’ve seen with other these other source of enquiries.

That bar has ordered up the concern that people I talked to had about this is that that it could be one of two things. One is if you look at who was involved in that FBI lens FBI interview, it was January 24th 2017. It was Andrew McCabe. It was, it was Peter struck and those are all the greatest hits that the president likes to the harp on and has criticised and who is said, as you noted, the should FaceTime sort of criminal penalties and they haven’t yet and so they’re that this could be A sort of factor way to try to get to get them some more.

That was one consider that somebody to tell people I talk to you raise any other. Is that if they can stir the pot and muddy the waters and make it look like, maybe something quite right, so I was invited here. Is he crossed there that that makes their presidential pardon for Flynn something that’s far more defensible at a time when bars under a lot of pressure, Trump White House in The Bard LED justice department can make a Flynn pardon look like the lesser of two evils here. In the announcement of a special investigator to reinvestigate the investigation of convicted liar Mike Flynn, but is that how you say it that that creating a case to rationalize and sell to Trump’s base of Pardon of flen is the best scenario from the Mueller report? Every conclusion mirror they’re, also looking John Durham is going back and looking at the original conclusions, intelligence Community came to about Russian interference, tick prosecutors from random District in the middle of the country to go back and examine cases where defendant has come and plead guilty where Mike Flynn plead guilty to guilty, after not too, because he pled guilty.

I think it’s it’s very hard to come up with an innocent explanation for this new investigation on its own, it’s impossible to come up with an innocent explanation for it. When you look at it in the context of everything else, the bar justice department is doing, as I said, are going back through. Basically every invest at every piece of the original Mueller investigation. They can’t and trying to find ways to undermine it, trying to find ways to give the president of a narrative going to the his re-election campaign.

It it was a hoax, and now the justice department is saying it was a hoax. . Just me, it’s Bill bar. That is not it. . This is not how the justice department has ever operated before and it’s a I think, along with everything else, we’ve seen from your brother took it just said some about how far the department has fallen deep inside the executive branch of the government. I’M usually highly skeptical of any strategically that that term was actually going to the administration in which I served.

But I wondered when I saw both stories break within minutes of another and rarely on the heels of Matt zapotosky and his colleagues unbelievable body of reporting about Trump’s rage from from back in August, about charges not being brought against Comey and McCabe. And that was The doj Firestorm that we woke up to these stories broke since then. But I wondered if it was if one was done to mollify the other, so the McCabe news broke that he would not be charged with a crime but barbazzar Cookin up.

Another investigation into the investigators, so they went ahead and and and that news came out Carol, Lee’s been reporting in that. So I won’t put her on the spot but Joyce. I wonder if it is to you some sort of symptom of a really fragile and and precarious moment for the justice department. Right now you know Nicole. Such a horrible thing to speculate about the notion that the Attorney General would open an investigation to pacify an angry press, but I think you’re, absolutely right.

That’S one of the many speculations we have to have about. What’S going on in Indio J right now, and that underlines the most important principle that the department operated on for the 25 years, that I was, we were obligated not only to always do the right thing, but never even permit in appearance of impropriety exist. As to our conduct, we did that because it was so critical that the public be able to have faith in the work that apartment buildings and to take comfort in the Integrity of the system as imperfect as it can sometimes be.

So what we’re seeing now is what happens when the Attorney General of the guy that runs the department is not concerned about that appearance, let alone the actual importance of acting always with integrity and doing the right thing. The president has way too much influence over how this justice department is operating, we’re watching the spiral without knowing just how far it will go. But one thing that’s clear is that there is a need for house oversight hearings to get to the bottom of this and to try to get the justice department.

That’S on a on a basically good footing before it’s too late. Why aren’t there on subpoenas flying up to the Justice Farmer, at least for the for prosecutors, who quit the case and doesn’t isn’t there an oversight role for Congress to Simply understand why they quit the Keystone case? Ukraine, investigation in the house of Playbook 4? How to investigate this Administration sacrificial to both respect, lawful subpoenas and some of them feel patriotic duty to come up and say where they solve wrongdoing.

Jonathan kravis, for example, no longer is with the justice department. You can see why the three others who left the case might not want to come forward because they may be retaliated against in. I don’t know why investigators haven’t called him. . Tell him exactly what they thought, because I can tell you the DC us attorney’s office, which is the locus of all these investigations, is in turmoil right now you can tell that the officials are in Revolt, they’re wreaking. If I were running the house committee, I would want to hear from John and Kravitz immediately either side’s case, but simply be a fact witness to what she wouldn’t, as he might actually have the facts of a lot of people whose careers are still on the line.

In that building, I think they’re a lot of people inside the justice department right now who are outraged by Woodfield bars, doing who would see Jonathan Kravitz, who already see him as a hero for what he did for standing up in the other three are standing up To the Department name, something that was inappropriate, they would welcome someone coming forward and giving voice to the concerns. So many people inside that department have see on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you.

The Attorney General takes the extraordinary step of investigating the investigation into Trump’s former National Security Advisor. Aired on 2/14/2020.
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William Barr Reopens Probe Into Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea | Deadline | MSNBC

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