Why Canada’s November job losses are no need for panic

By | December 10, 2019

Why Canada’s November job losses are no need for panic
Why Canada’s November job losses are no need for panic
Here’S a look at some of the business stories that made headlines this week record job loss is Canada’s economy lost over 71,000 jobs and November. Another Bank of Canada update and the Central Bank leave the interest rate unchanged. Plus Huawei makes a couple of moves. First, Tech Giant reveals it’s moving a research Hub to Canada. That amounts another legal challenge in the United States. Okay joining us for a weekend, Canadian and American International Trade lawyer with male statistics, Canada and reviewing the record job losses. So we’ve had some unexpected over the last year or so go down last month to I think it’s well. So I’m with her the month 2 months in a row is something to look at if we get a 3rd month and I think I’d be more concerned with it, we haven’t really seen corresponding changes in the United States, which is the key market for that. We sell so much in the United States as long as we continue to unlock the United States. I am not thinking that seeing the fundamentals that would drag down our manufacturing base just yet so there’s obviously a trade in certain things, but I’m not seeing what fundamental would be driving this particular and dropping jobs in manufacturing. Talk about Gathering storm clouds concern around the world. With that conversation going on for a couple of years now, really. It’s really been going on for a while.. If you saw the US numbers come out really rock-solid tomorrow’s Point. These are very volatile. Numbers are surveys there and they’re, not actual unemployment count, so it will be very volatile. They will re correct couple months later. What happened, but we’ve had it almost 300,000 jobs in Alaska, which is a huge number, and it’s been growing very rapidly in Ontario and in which has been the engine for the recovery for piano for last 10 years. The middle-class does the tax cut need a middle in the middle of this one, so exit with with a witness federal government talks about the middle class, there’s a level that is fairly low for what most people would consider to be in the middle, so be good. If they would tell us exactly who they’re talking about in their platform, the party platform a promise, a digital Services tax, which is interesting, and the Americans in the French Church of God, just at about that this week, intensifying. So there’s no explicit reference to that. I told you have to see this. I guess we’ll be a winter economic statement, enough all economic statement to come, perhaps in December as a quick one, but I don’t know how they’re going to find all this.. So, yes to the let’s see exactly how they actually proposed to fund it. I don’t think what they had outlined in their platform is going to be very useful to them at this point. In terms of that service, a text message when I created another trade with the United States, what’s your take on this? Well, I think tax cuts are good right now and we’ve had this very complicated definition for the middle class is, I suspect, the middle class and small step, definitely different than middle class in Moose Jaw and definitely different than an hour. Facts of the numbers are all kind of wavering, but we have a national tax program in and regime. So I think tax cuts will be good as not to be meaningful. You know you’re going to be a few hundred bucks to the to your pocket. At the end of the year, so I can I change your. You know how you live your life, can’t we talk interest rates, we have a record that for a lot of sectors around this country and we have a Bank of Canada keeping interest rates where they are yet again partially. There are because they want to discourage people from boring, even more than they’ve already born. We have at the United States, and so we found the third of our GDP comes from our exports to go to the United States, United States. You don’t have to always act because there’s somebody else who can act for you in that person’s working in Washington DC there a lot of tremendous amount of room for fundamentally independent policy, but we have to stay within the broadband. In this particular case. Those rate cuts are benefiting us. If we, if we start to tighten up, then I think whoever is in the governor for Capital Bank account early next year, but have to revisit that Tu solo already go back to economics, 101 University of university for the interest rate, with inflation rate. If inflation goes down, you reduce the interest rate and inflation goes up. You increase the interest interest rate to slow down the economy. That’S the only only function really for the central bank for the rest of the world. What we should do, our house prices should go or I’m always prices we hope go. Look a little lower are born Costco. Lower interest rate is fundamentally low. If inflation, we see that take up a little bit higher Center Street school buddy Congress doing okay, that’s kind of like in that in that Cinderella, not too good, not too bad kind of scenario, and I think we can kind of stay there, plus or minus quarter Report for the next 24-36 months: okay, what the US quarter-point is going to make up negative to go out with her seeing you asset prices, go up. Houses in stock market go up in, and wages of extremely valuable people go up some guys making in a hundred five hundred million dollars a year. That should really make me have that those texts numbers for the average working middle-class American living in Kansas can’t get his wages up. This topic has announced that he would be not seeking a second term terms or long about 7 years in the months that he has for many will see what happens. But what do we make of what he’s been like? As a governor Mark Carney was before his predecessor went onto the bank of England. I’M the difference in economy in terms of the western Robert cereal, that are the prices, are falling and the manufacturing-based Ontario and try. Some of this is basically holding the line a little bit so you’re not called on to do dramatic action. Du Lac, United States are actually heard it’s more long-term, so I think he’s actually kept in the knitting and done a very good job will have to see who replaces him and whether someone flashy or not. I do know that there are lawyers now at the head of the fed and the European Central Bank, and that way I don’t believe it had a lawyer heading to her since the infamous mr. coin in the 1960. So this is an interesting thing to watch there. You’Re, taking everything the time we have left our Mark Carney do, I think, we’ve had great bank account. It’S actually involved in that were talking about mood really being a good communicator holding you know. Stability is more than more important than anything, and I think what we’re seeing is the new era of Bank of Canada Governor these guys are now more communicators and can’t explain what the government’s you know. What direction do the policymakers arkonik kind of going? So there’s no surprises still awaiting extradition. Proceedings to Canadians have a to Michaels in China. What do you make of this move? Almer obits for the 20th century, we’re not going to be in 50 years of technological war with the Chinese, so they want to sell it to North America. Where’S, the United States in trouble because of what they’re that sits at Harvard and Stanford another American universities are disengaging from the research most of our research. That works are across border. So I don’t understand what this telecom companies in Canada and pallets did buy a lot from Huawei and I guess they will have had conversate. While we will have conversations with them at the end of the day. I don’t know how you could have a lot of Huawei research. If we’re Americans are disengaging from in a research level, is a nice potential thing down the road, but it’s not to replace the United States. So I don’t see where this is going, because a long way we buy a lot of equipment, it’s cheapest, world-class stuff world class Engineers. They want to hire World 5 people. You know what way was located on in the Stanford and MIT, but they’re. Also at University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana campus people. They want sell equipment to our country. How do you spell network with United States in trouble? We knew we world class equipment. We need to look at both Cisco and Huawei to be very busy.
A look at Canada’s job losses in November and promised tax cuts mentioned in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s throne speech.

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