What’s new in latest North American trade deal

By | December 11, 2019

What’s new in latest North American trade deal
What’s new in latest North American trade deal
There had been great doubt this moment would ever happen that an agreement was possible after closed or shouting matches, name-calling, broken deadlines and squander Goodwill, but they made it. This has been a long, arduous and at times fraught negotiation. We made it to the Finish Line because we learned how to work together. I think that’s a testament to how good the agreement is. Trump’S Topman on trade had to find consensus both at home and abroad. Robert lighthiser accepted demands from the Democrats in exchange for a promise to pass NAFTA Congress in terms of our work here. It is infinitely better than what was initially about a proposed by the administration. Nancy Pelosi ask for change to make it easier to lower prescription drugs. New ways to monitor working conditions in Mexico standards are being met, ideas. Canada says it had been pushing for from the start. It is a great satisfaction that I C quite a lot of his condition actually being parts of the amended agreement that we all signed today. How much so the Americans try to ease their Pain by awkwardly gushing over the Mexican president? My best wishes again for the president stays, who is a truly also received here in Canada. The aluminum industry, which is a big concern in Quebec, is not happy. It had wanted more protections that didn’t come through and that’s going to be a problem for the Liberals. There will likely be more complaints from different industry Turtle. Government overall sees this as a major win. Remember the most powerful leader of the world President Donald Trump was ready, willing and able to end this trade Deal completely. Prime minister’s first man was dedicated to make sure the trading relationship. That is still the case so now that they new new NAFTA deal has been signed. It needs to be ratified in each country, but the timelines for that are still very much in flux. Mexican officials say they wanted to get their deal to the Senate within hours. In Canada’s interest to ratify it as soon as possible, of course, getting a minority Parliament part of it on side and the before the end of the year, but the Senate, probably won’t until January or February, ask her when many expected Donald Trump’s impeachment trial to take Place
It took years of negotiations, but the new NAFTA includes resolution on two sticking points: paths to lower drug prices and ways to enforce labour standards. But not all Canadian industries are happy with the deal.

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