What’s happening inside a lithium-ion battery

By | December 11, 2019

What’s happening inside a lithium-ion battery
What’s happening inside a lithium-ion battery
What’S that flat, pouch type lithium-ion cell could go in an electric vehicle and they’re just be how many of them 15 kilowatt hour pack would use about 300 of cells like this 50 kilowatt hour pack, when he was more like a thousand roughly cell, and you know, What’S most people know Tesla uses cylindrical cells in their vehicles and because it’s more in the car store the same amount of energy of those there are several thousand somewhere between 4000 and 6000 of those cells what’s inside, if you like, I can take one of our Degree, so it’s not not safe to take apart a lithium mine, so it’s full of electrolytes unlock me. We might initiate short circuit. That would generate a lot of smoke and, if we’re really unlucky, there might be some flame to have here that we use in our research, which are exactly the same type of construction as real to see myself if you like, and if you cut open this pouch And extract what we call the jelly roll you can see what it looks like I’ll give it to you, so you can hold it so, as we start to unroll this. The first thing that we see you aluminum foil in this aluminum foil, is the current collector for the positive electrode we come to this black material. That’S the positive electrode material! In this case, it’s in our jargon called CH4 lithium, nickel, manganese, Cobalt oxide. So nmc is the nickel manganese and Cobalt and it.. The Coatings are about fifty micrometers thick, which is about half the thickness of a human hair really and then used to separate the positive from the negative to prevent short-circuit and also to hold the electrolyte of the self separators about 50 % porous. The pores are very small and the scissors what the pores are about 49 mm in diameter. That’S a 50 % porous material, but you never know in chemistry as a Ziploc bag. It’S polyethylene, except this has been mail hold and it’s white instead of clear because of light scattering from the whole, I did think of you are enrolling it. This is at the risk of you. Never allow any journalist in here again what it look like: a fruit, roll-up, a jelly roll and then these things are just rolled rolled and rolled. If you compare it to a cell phone battery cell phone batteries, just wider Electro, it’s rolled on a wider roll pattern. Think about a cylindrical self. You would just instead of flat winding it. You would want it on a on a small cylinder at the beginning, in as it spirals out, you get a cylinder. So all of this is just a small version of what all the cells in the world have the four layers negative separator positive in separator, pretty simple yeah yeah. That’S the idea to change the negative and positive electrode, modify the cell design and help you go in the right direction: the wrong directions.
Canadian researcher Jeff Dahn shows CBC’s David Common what’s happening inside a lithium-ion battery.

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