What’s behind the wave of Middle East protests? – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

What’s behind the wave of Middle East protests? – BBC News
What’s behind the wave of Middle East protests? – BBC News
This is Lebanon. Crisis people come get the things they need the daily life in the least you protests off clothing Street on rattling regimes in the last few months that bean big protests in Lebanon and Iraq and Iran growing on in Egypt, the brutal police state and lost spring Algerian President was. Every country has homegrown grievances, but the demonstrators share some deep-seated frustrations, mostly taehyung. More than 60 % of the population in the Middle East is under 30 and they’re angry fed up with unemployment and Corruption. They see hard live, stretching Fulton wild political Elites. Keep the power and the money inflation is at the Central Bank in Beirut, which has been going through. A variety is that favorite songs about Revolution, about telling the governor of the bank to get out and shooting living thieves, and also the charm that was the soundtrack of the uprisings of 2011. The people want the full of the regime, which was the last snowfall High Hopes. I can’t do nothing and Lebanese have faced with a collapsing economy. Most people in the Middle East, outside the oil stay hot up and many others are poor. Getting poorer. Lebanon is running out of hard currency, it needs Donna’s, because almost everything in the shelves is important. It’S not just potestas in Lebanon have had enough of that countries, deep sectarian divisions, feeling of Hope, a feeling of solidarity as Lebanese people, and it goes beyond the typical dishes. We have normalized others present for the first time since the Civil War has been involved in the protest in Beirut since they started on the 17th of October. She comes down to attend after she finishes classes at University. When you doing those John, how does it feel when you see people like with their voice and eyes the meaning, the stuff they are yelling? They want that has beirut’s Revolution wall a place for autistic good protest has 11 on the protests have mostly being peaceful. Hundreds of people have been shot dead in the streets. Some people think that what’s happening is a rerun of the uprisings of 2011, which convulsed the Middle East back then they will High Hopes. Oh Freedom Avenue stop, but that was until the old order Strike Back, but the Grievances, the drove 2011, never went away. Temp is a short. There was a near Riot when is filling station in bayreuth closed. While they were still cute guess I got to feel that they say is in the petrol station. I know some of them want to block the road. This is Lebanon crisis people can get the things they need for daily life, and that means that’s more than crait tempers. Sri Lanka running natural Dean wanted petrol to cheat abandoned a car after it ran out. How do you get a better life in Lebanon? They believed that some fuel down the road there’s another petrol station, yeah yeah – I don’t want to spend the protest in Lebanon – started off to an attempt to increase taxes, but I was just a lost rule. The real anger comes from long-running economic crisis, presided over by leaders widely believed to be corrupt run. It found some petrol. She invited us to visit for a chat when you saw the big damage starting in October. What did you think crying? Because you couldn’t do this before the election you have to take, that is to gain you, don’t take the risk, you are overlooking the Mediterranean. A group of protesters held a vigil at the araki embassy in Beirut, quite lucky, because everything that’s happened has been largely peaceful and it rock is the opposite. Young boys who was just being killed in Iraq. Christian muffins went to the three basic demands. If it’s are in a country free of populations, any foreign interference related to the crisis on 400 people, mostly young men, have been shot dead by the security forces. More than 15,000 have been injured. A rock is one of the most corrupt and badly given countries in the world demonstration had to risk death because the desperate about corruption, unemployment without even 24/7 Mains electricity in a country with big oil reserves, they don’t just blame their own in that pull up. They’Re. Also targeting a rock’s alliance with Aron torching, its consulates in the holy cities of not jacking table for a run. This was supposed to be friendly territory. Hizbollah’S patrons in have serious problems at home to Big protest started after a rise in petrol prices. Crushing American sanctions have made matters worse in an economy already weakened by kurupt. I’M mismanagement bbcpersian estimates that more than 200, what killed by the Raging? Why has blossomed thugs to try to break up the demonstrations in Beirut without success? But that’s not the end of it. Has ballora’s powerful and heavily armed and it’s worked for 40 years to dominate Lebanon, the states suits them and they don’t want it to change what what time is coming out to try to join the dots? Let’S say there are two main camps in the Middle East: it also includes Saudi Arabia and Israel. The other one is team Iran. It also includes a single group hizbullah, which is a shield. Muslim movements need the Allies, they use them to try to project Allah, but they go to real problem at the moment because they directions to show antique terranean feeling is growing in a rock and here in Lebanon that shed deep-seated anger. The crosses borders among the young, who want to sweep away discredited and apps and corrupt leaders it’ll feeds into the geopolitical instability of the world’s most another storm, is brewing in the Middle East.
You might remember the uprisings in the Middle East in 2011. As dictators were toppled hundreds of thousands of protesters called for change, for freedom and a new start. Their high hopes came to very little and the region lurched back towards war and repression.

But the grievances that drove the 2011 uprisings – the so-called Arab Spring – never went away. 2019 might be the year it started again. Already protests have forced the resignations of two Prime Ministers – in Lebanon and Iraq.

Since October there have been big, mainly peaceful protests in Lebanon and extremely bloody ones in Iraq. And in Iran, hundreds have been shot dead at protests in the last few weeks.

BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen has been trying to make sense of it all in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut.

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