What the throne speech says about Trudeau’s priorities | Power & Politics

By | December 10, 2019

What the throne speech says about Trudeau’s priorities | Power & Politics
What the throne speech says about Trudeau’s priorities | Power & Politics
Is a privilege and a responsibility in this election parliamentarians received a mandate from the people of Canada, which ministers will carry it out. It is Amanda to fight climate change. The middle-class walk, the road of reconciliation, keep Canadians safe and healthy, and position Canada for success in an uncertain world that was Julie, piatt delivering this government’s Throne speech, not that long ago that you, because David Cochran was listening in alongside me and our calling., The CDC. Let’S talk about sort of the top headlines out of the Stones Beast. What we can gather from the election is, as its calculation there on the side of things on the Progressive side of things that they know that there are some extra, both Progressive electric, so they’re, going to try to make this thing work with the progressive agenda and Right there in the very beginning, the first fighting climate change with the line, a clear majority of Canadians vote. I think they have the opportunity. It is core to their brand white matter on voting day cuz. I can’t save or defeat the government with the small number they have in the house. So, there’s definitely that the next generation of Canadians, presumably next week to cut taxes for low and middle-income Canadians to raise the basic personal exemption and the place by January, 1st or so try to win support. So I don’t think the reaction from the other parties suggested that they’re ready to give up their leverage. This early in the parliament feeling your intent on introduce legislation to usher and unwrap the United Nations Declaration on indigenous people. They’Re going to 25 % election promises, but they were specific in the throne speech that, after having been reduced to a minority that a got the message intends elicited attends to cooperate, then sort of go their own way and throw something brand-new on the table. So these are all things we have heard before from the liberal, with an emphasis on some of the issues at the other parties, the endpoint of the general idea being common. How to do admit is the detail. They need to work out to see if this can go ahead, but you know I’m a big play there for jagmeet Singh on pharmacare and also we are open to exploring dental care, which is a part of the book thing. Is not going to we need to see more before we can say we’re going to work with these guys, but that’s holding on your Labour just cuz. It’S all about negotiation, full of empty promises. A little action is all the Liberals have to offer. It’S not good enough if they show their willing to take relax and we’re ready to work with them to deliver the help. Canadians need, let’s go over. What various political leaders are saying about. This will start with interesting will get him into him in a second, but first Mister share the leader of the official opposition. What was his as the leader of the Liberal Party in the House of Commons to give his formal response Sandtown with Justin Trudeau, shortly after the election scrapping c48 the tanker been scrapping c69, the new environmental assessment legislation – things liberals will not do a password for a National Energy Corridor conservatives in this election, a timeline for the completion of the Trans Mountain pipeline collection, but also he’s really come into this positioning themselves again, very specific. If you want to see something concrete on pharmacare, it has to be Universal pass. The invention of dental care, we want to see more aggressive Targets on climate change, didn’t get what they wanted, though. The details in this specific to something there looks interesting position of there: two obvious choices for Trudeau to navigate with two partners: the new Democrats and the Bloc quebecois. That is the best and most dignified fast forward for Justin Trudeau, pharmacare in increasing Health transfers, Universal single papermaker by the way, not just for me care and the dropping immediate compensation of indigenous children in welfare judgment we recently had. These are the conditions that ugly thing is laid out for supporting the government goes wrong mentioned. They were not specifically on the terms that he has outlines bo4 16 % of old, and you don’t have a lot of money for an election going to have to find a way to make this work or there’s going to give it over to the Bloc quebecois And try to navigate something on it. He had also signaled their leader. If I had signaled earlier that he probably wasn’t going to oppose the throne speech.. He said I don’t want to hear oil, and I don’t want to hear pipeline best soil in Alberta to celebrate. These are ear is jurisdiction which the block jealously guard self. Trudeau says this is a starting point for this majority Parliament. I think this speech a starting point for his negotiations with the government for his support, then again at the end of January. What do you think we can expect over the next 7 or so days next week coming from Gilmore? Now I am told there will be a fiscal update before Christmas and on the 16th of December, Canada’s Finance ministers are going to be on auto or for a meeting with Bill Maher know. So what we try to figure out the spending and money business with all the print with all the provinces and territories, and while the government take strong action to fight climate change, it would also work just as hard to get Canadian resources to New Markets and all For unwavering support to the hard-working women man in Canada’s natural resources sector, many of whom has faced tough times recently, I’m doing now by Deputy Prime Minister being tossed since becoming Deputy Prime Minister and administer intergovernmental affairs with addressing the outcome of the election in Alberta and Saskatchewan in that the Liberals have no representation there. I’Ve heard the Prime Minister across the country the question about that. Where the throne speech it comes into play here, because you have talked about the frustrations that you’ve heard out there. That prime minister has talked about the frustration in the throne speech that talks about those no mention of pipeline or TM XY. Is that let me just say that yeah, I think the core message of the throne speech was that everyone who has been elected Common Grounds. I think the message of the throne speeches there’s an awful lot. We can get done when it come to the question of energy and the environment and how we shred that needle, I think it’s really clear is that the election told us in the election. Canadians told us what they want and what they believe and what the election results show up is a strong majority of Canadians believe that our government, the Federal government, needs to act and viciously to combat climate change. That was one of the results of the election and the other results of the election was a strong majority of Canadians voted for political party. That believed we need to get her natural resource very much, including oil to Market, and that means getting TMX built and actually the throne speech was delivered two days after the official opening of the building of the Trans Mountain pipeline 2000, people are at in Alberta and Bc right now, but no mention of that in the more in there that was outlined in great specificity in this document in this speech. But what you plan to do to get those resources to Market was not. There was one small sentence: actions speak very loudly and the fact that the pipeline is the right now – and I want to thank my college, Seamus O’Regan for being there in Edmonton, with the official announcement of the beginning of building. That is a concrete, meaningful, scabs and captive, which we know astrology already of Canadians, believe we need to do and we are going to be successful if we work hard. All of us Define the areas of common ground and start from there. Is your government willing to Bill t69 and built E-40 – it’s not in the throne speech, but that is what we continually hear from the politicians representing people in Alberta and Saskatchewan. I want to see changes to those bills. Will there be changes, so I was in Edmonton and Regina last week and in Winnipeg and Quebec City, this week’s I was in Quebec City yesterday and really mission right now is to listen to listen, really hard to hear what Canadians across the country have to say And to hear what their elected provincial leaders, how to say – and I think it’s really important before coming to conclusions in before acting to listen, carefully, listen Heart and then to have a conversation and that’s what we’re going to do. Will you be listening and conversing before people in those provinces will see concrete action to address they’re talking about because we talked to the same politicians that you have and they keep telling us it’s great, that you are doing that listening, they’re happy that you’re meeting with Them, but they are looking for concrete, active 20th of December, so take a little bit of time to listen and to talk – and I also do want to say really. I’Ve mentioned Seamus O’Regan who has hit the ground running, is doing a great job. Jonathan, the environment is already doing great work, and they also need some time to listen and to hear what people are saying before and and then you know why. I do also want to say what we need to have is a conversation and that’s what we have begun and we’re going to keep going on the timeline. I would only point of the throne speech. Your government was able to attach, for example, on implementing undrip legislation. A 1-year time on you said it’s. We campaigned on of things that you promised to Canadian. We would do when we were asking for them to support us in the elections, and that’s absolutely right, because when you say to someone when you’re campaigning make a promise to voters that you’ll do something, you need to do your level best to accomplish it. Until this Throne speech absolutely and entirely appropriately included commitments by us to do the things we told Canadian, we would do commitments that we believe represents common ground in the country and Common Ground that we can find in the house where we need to listen and we Need to talk any other thing. I do want to say that she is. We are not going to agree on everything. We are not going to agree on everything in this house of common and we are not going to agree on everything in our conversations with the provinces and that’s okay. There are songs and strongly differing political views in our country. There should be worth democracy, but I think what we can commit to and what I think is the approach that will give the best possible outcome for it starts by looking for common ground and to build on that common ground and see how far we can get And I think we can get along with questions before I let you explain that you will maintain. Do you think the never make predictions about? Because you were just there.? I was there yesterday. I believe talking to you faster lighthiser like there is movement, but it’s difficult to read. But what is your senses? Someone on the inside is this one? You are hundred percent right and you are clearly following the story closely. So thank you for that. A lot of very hard work being done. I was in Washington on Wednesday Jesus, the other than can negotiate. It was in Ottowa on Friday. I have been in extremely close touch with Ambassador lighthiser over the past few days and also with our Mexican partners, and I do want to say especially about ambassador lighthizer, a negotiation which may be even more difficult than the original NAFTA negotiations right now in trying to Get this dream ratified in the US. I think he is doing a terrific job, but it’s difficult and just as we hearing Canada now with a minority Parliament, the challenge of looking for common ground between speaker, Pelosi and administration of President Trump, a challenge – and we should be candid about that. They are working hard. We are working very very closely with them and our Mexican partners, and also in very close collaboration with the Democrats in the house Minister, was on video of the last 48 hours or so kind of venting about President Trump to a number of other world leaders. Cnn is reporting today that President Trump was fuming over. That has that negatively impacted the relationship where NAFTA or anyting else is turn from your perspective, great question, and I can tell you absolutely truly that you know right now. As he said, we are in a very intense phase in working on NAFTA, and that means I am talking to Ambassador like Kaiser a lot. I talked him at 9:45 last night. I talked to him this morning. I’M going to talk to him again this afternoon and we are working together. I would say very effectively: it’s a tough challenge. NAFTA countries face and we have, I would say, a very constructive, very effective working relationship. We have understood Canada and the US that’s. It is true, or government’s right now have very big political differences. I don’t think that that is revelatory for anyone for me to play, but we will be much better off if we can work together on the issues we have a common interest and indeed that our Collective Prosperity depends on that, and so that is what we are Doing and I hung a video speak from my own experience, which, as it happens in the past 48 Hours, has been experience of spending a lot of time on the phone with American partners, and we are just focused on getting the job done, which is trying to Get play for now that can be ratified in the u.s.. Thank you very much. I appreciate your time. Two Canadians fall 6 of twice and again from financial hardship caused by the cost of their medications. Given this reality, pharmacare is the key missing piece of universal healthcare. In this country, the government will take steps to introduce and Implement National pharmacare, so that Canadians is the drug coverage they need. Liter jug beat things to go over whether he heard that in the sweet I’m interesting nice to see. If you wanted an odd to dental care as well, you wanted more aggressive action on climate change and, finally, you wanted to see an acknowledgement around the ruling from the human rights tribunal where indigenous child welfare is concerned. From my listening, you got the pharmacare, the dental care and the item on compensation, at least. Is that enough for you to support the speech when it comes down to it? This Throne speech is not going to do with the problem. The Canadian space within a meaningful way so enough she could have gone backwards instead of going forward in the campaign he mentioned Universal in the in the throne, speech in the midst and Charlie were National or Universal. Prime minister, when we sat down in that, I said very clearly, I want you to just publicly accept your own report. The doctor Hoskins report states that a universal pharmacare should be Universal, should be public publicly funded and single-payer. That’S the best way to do it today. I misread never committed to following his own report, shows a lack of commitment that I saw also with kids and they’re still taking closing the door on supporting this. But I understand it’s not good enough something to do with non-confidence or at like. Where do you specifically said open to having conversations we need to chat and find ways for him to confirm some of the things I’m concerned about pretty words again without concrete action on pharmacare, I don’t see the commitment to a universal system, a publicly-funded system, a single-payer System, even just acknowledging the report would be I’m going to ask for report to be commissioned and to date they talk about pharmacare without ever saying. If they accept the findings of the report and say yes, we want a public single-payer Universal system. Note pharmacare is the missing piece, I think was the term that they use like there is an acknowledgement that pharmacare is needed. There is an acknowledgement that more action on climate change, but are we really I mean in the history of 10? If we don’t normally look as her own speeches to say, OK policy ABCDE is going particularly admitted Universal from net from pharmacare. That’S really concerning the report says check a box of having coverage. So for me, Universal coverage is so tacky. Is that how we save money? For provinces, that’s how we help of those who are struggling to get at his doctors and hospitals. If we had a universal system, all the evidence shows. The only thing is, I was at the premiers, the other day, the premiers conference, and I was actually taking it back at the degree to which those premiers were not wholeheartedly indoor endorsing a universal National system. In fact, a few of them were like. I want nothing to do. Most of them were saying before I’ll, even consider that you have to properly and adequately fund the healthcare system as a whole. How do you propose the Prime Minister and posed a national system on provinces that don’t want one? How we know the Atlantic provinces are absolutely open, PC is open to doing it. She has coverage for men. Every single person in the Atlantic provinces has coverage for medication and Ontario says no. One is going to have to go back to the people of Ontario and see why a system that would have covered every single person in the father for no extra money that they wanted to be able to opt it with compensator green provinces are nearby provinces, where Every single person is covered and you go to that promise you go to Ontario and safe Ontario resident. You can have completely covered medication, but your Premier saying no. You would have to spend a cent more on our program that we’re proposing every single person be covered. The premier cheese ocean very quickly, if money was on the table, a plan was on the table. I I highly doubt any Premier could turn down money that would ensure that everyone has medication covered or there they’d have to go back to the the highest level of faith in the federal government. Regarding the federal government’s ability to run such a system, there saying right now, Healthcare generally is not going so great. There is a lot of issues in their own provinces. I don’t get the feeling. I’Ve got at least a few days ago in the federal government. Make a meme with the money. I think it really comes down to funding the program if the funding is there and the funding is legislated in. The funding is clearer than this program’s going to work, and I can’t understand why we’re the only country in the world that hasn’t been to figure this out. Other country that has a universal healthcare system also has a pharmacare system. That’S National, we can do it. We are a country that they able to do so much when we started with the path down universal healthcare. There were lots of people that opposed it. I agree with the premiers, though, that the funding has to be better federal government, liberal and conservative have cut funding over the years. What used to be a 50/50 balance is now 2575 and that’s a problem, and we need to address that as well. The FED should be picking up the entire bill that reports that you reference from Eric Hoskins, so that is about 15 billion dollars a year. That’S a lot of money. Where would they get it colors in corporate tax cuts? So we’ve got choices that we can make. We also know that if we put in place a super well tax on those who got Fortune of over 20 million, they could raise 70 billion over 10 years, so their choices. We can make the raise the funds and make sure we pay for it’s a matter of. Are we willing to do it? Do Democrats going to fight for this cuz people need to have better Healthcare and one of the key steps to achieving that is universal. Pharmacare. All right now, sitting next to me, is Candice Bergen, she’s, the conservative house leader nice, to see if they so much for being with us and asparagus. Can you tell me anything about the content of that Amendment? Well, you’ll have to wait and see it tomorrow. We we’re still fine-tuning it. We obviously had to see the speech from the throne and see what we thought of it, so we’re developing that Amanda. Now you know I can tell you over all. We really hope when we saw the Prime Minister say he was going to be listening to Canadians. We saw him meet with some of the premiers over the last couple of weeks that this speech from the throne would reflect that and reflect what we hoped would be acknowledged if you needed to make some changes and and addressing issues that are facing the country. And we didn’t see that today in the speech from the throne natural resources to Market any kind of specifics, things, things like we’ve suggested like a national Energy Corridor, things that the prisoners have been talking about, like did the terrible effects of Bill c-69 in a more Pipeline spill, the effects of the tanker band at c-48, not going to do anything differently, 48 NC, 69th, and that they are willing to amended through the implementation. Why isn’t that enough already have to have I ever received from the last liberal government? They only had one speech to the throne, so it absolutely lays out what they’re going to do and not going to do. This is a very important document and we can’t just dismiss it. So it’s only featuring The Throne to switch really matter. I’M just saying that it’s not usually very important and and big problems that are facing Canada right now, so there should have been more specific and I mean GI for contradictions. I’Ve heard some Minister say that they’re all 2 amendments to see 69 and implementation, but I’ve heard the Prime Minister say no. We won’t be to make name changes. So I think, there’s a lot of uncertainty and you can’t blame the energy sector for wondering where the Prime Minister really lies on this said he wanted to phase out the oil sands in Canada. So really he he says one thing and does something else in the speech from the throne is not any kind of comfort to the energy sector if you’re in Alberta. I think it’s easy for us sitting here. If you are in a you, were losing your job. Your families, out of work, you are you’re, not seeing anything Cummings coming forward this going to make a bring you any hope. This speech from the throne did not provide that help. I take your point on the people sitting in those provinces, certainly where they are very worried about their jobs, but we have seen the government, for example, of the file of intergovernmental Affairs. She has gone to hell where she has met, and I spoke with the fingers. 2 days ago – and they were actually very happy with those meeting, so so is it is it fear of you and your party to characterize them as turning a deaf ear to close interest when they are making those overtures if they were listening to these premiers? If administer, freelin was doing something more than talking and talking and listening is important. Why wouldn’t they have said in the speech from the throne and we recognize the challenge? Are we going to take concrete action by an amazing, a one or two or three things that they were going to do and instead it’s do you know we’re going to support them. We’Ve heard a lot of support us and easy word and nothing concrete, and that was in pulled into account. They said they were going to do something they would be held accountable to do. It, though, is that what your amendment is going to focus on. Is it going to talk about oil to going to talk about pipelines? Is that is that going to be disclosing, hear what it was? What we just saw the speech from the throne so we’re going to finalize that. But it’s going to focus on uniting Canada and – and we want Canadians to know that there is a party that wants and believes that Canada can get through the shell. But it’s going to take real leadership in this decisive action Before I Let You Go also outlined some specific things that they’re going to do where climate change is concerned. Is your party supportive of what they aligned? We are supportive of combating and fighting it climate change in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that there has to be a global effort and the Canada can very much contribute to reducing emissions globally. We don’t believe – and we don’t believe the evidence shows that a carbon tax, but we want to offer our Solutions and talk more about what our plan entailed, and we want to tell Canadians about our plans. Care plan entailed enough, though I mean they’re at the crib. We didn’t talk about it enough. We have a very good plan., Not that everybody would agree with it and for some people, like liberals, they do want to increase taxes and that’s part of their absolutely believe that we need to talk more about our plan and that’s what we’re going to do. Okay, I’ll leave it there thanks Miss Dragon, really appreciate it. In the lessons of the last election, Acadian sent him with the two governments with the weakest mandate in Canadian history, nothing about our energy workers and Alberta and Saskatchewan, nothing but her for she. Workers in British Columbia – because I see in that speech many opportunities for us to not to take what it is intended to be given, because it’s not that clear, but to get things to make some gains for Quebec and the fact that is, it is so unclear About oil makes it so that, if it’s it’s hard to vote against, something which is not even named, we need to talk. The federal government unveiled its priorities for the coming weeks and months. They include everything from addressing climate change, to reconciliation, to tax cuts and competing for a seat on the UN Security Council. They did all that, of course, to the throne speech was which was delivered not to what will opposition parties support? What might get their backs up and how will those priorities affect the length of time this minority government remain in power? Is time for the power panel to away in Kelly cryderman of the Globe and Mail joins us from Calgary in Pronto Melissa, landsman of Hill & Knowlton, along with former statue in finance minister Andrew Thompson, he’s no chief of government relations at the University of Toronto and Over in Montreal Quebec, Liberal immigration and environment Minister higher David, I’m going to start with you, I’m wondering what you took away from this Throne speech. What you, what message you think it intended to deliver the same! It was for the. Why you’re, seeing here that, with this Throne speech, Quebec and Ontario are key priorities changed the unfortunate anniversary of the Polytechnic try to do the tomorrow, you’re you’re, seeing a lot of detailed measures that are basically, they sound more like a an election platform and and just The cabinet was steer towards Quebec and Ontario the climate change issue, not naming not even mentioning by name Transmountain sends a clear message that this government is in full real action mode and geared towards getting those 13 missing, see-through majority from Quebec and Ontario, and so that’s Going to messaging and the detail the level of detail. next, the next big step is going to be the budget and we’re going to be able to follow in the budget. All these Corps engagements that we saw today in the speech Portland their platform. They had an election platform, this is very much and it gives Justin Trudeau. The opportunity moved the Liberal Party further to the left, the party that he needs to Port from with some measure that necessarily in his platform, in terms of the standouts here, I think you heard on Jack – needs very careful language gymnastics around around what to what to Put in there and what to not put, and if your somebody from the West, you heard after the campaign that we were going to focus on National Unity, that we were going to reach out to the west and that’s just not in there, certainly see that kind Of an amendment from from the Andrew Scheer looking at that Western question, and what do you think? It’S really designed to figure out how to win voters back and there’s a couple of key constituencies hear that office of the Prime Minister is eroding that he thinks that he can get back strongly Progressive voters in Quebec, younger voters. There was a quite a bit Trump speech talking about the concerns of younger voters and students and then also what’s going to happen in terms of some of those Urban concerns which are sitting within the the largest the boat rich areas of Ontario DeMontrond, Vancouver. That he’s made the calculation that as much as they may want to stop at their feet and your fists and where they prepared to go. The simple fact is: they aren’t so he’s providing enough of a path to move. The party’s forward be able to get the left-wing parties support, but he’s very much trying to speak. I think to the to the voters directly as I’m not attached on it. We’Ve heard from opposition leaders as well particularly Andrew Scheer, talking about how National Unity with such a theme that emerged from the outcome of the election we’ve seen a lot of Outreach on the part of both the Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister wear those voices Are concerned yet there was no real mention of pipeline or oil, or anything like that in this Throne speech. Instead, there was a mention that basically dovetailed off of talk on climate change and said we will work natural resources to Market. How do you anticipate a little B receive where you are? I think I think the throne speech clearly shows the divisions in the country again again, as other members of the panel panel of highlighted, this seems like a throne speech, design for Progressive voters in central Canada. There is, there was a brief mention of getting resources to markets and supporting energy workers. But I think that the throne speech and the emphasis of the throne speech give Andrew Scheer and the conservatives a lot of room to criticize a lot of room to say that there is not a focus on Unity. As the Prime Minister has said, he would be focus on Elsa think this gives. The premier has a lot of Leverage to speak four Canadians outside of of those areas to speak still on new energy laws that are unpopular to speak on getting some kind of some kind of federal program dollars to Alberta and to help in an economic downturn. I think I think this Throne speech sets a tone that gives Andrew shiira platform in a lot to criticize it’s interesting David, because when they were, they were holding dial way down. In fact, Jason Kenny come on the show he was thanking people in Ontario and Quebec. In the premiers from those provinces for the kinds of overtures that they made in those meeting, I have a feeling that today is beechwold, maybe have the opposite effect. I don’t know what do you think yeah it’s possible, but at the same time I think the other provinces and know that if they go to the federal government, divided they’re playing Justin Trudeau’s game and they won’t be able to get those key. It’S like, for example, one of the cornerstones of today’s speech is pharmacare. Now a lot of provinces, including comeback, are going to want the money or more investment in axial Healthcare, rather than on that key issue. Provincial premiers have to stay United because, if they’re divided too much – and this doesn’t preclude us from fighting for for four more from the federal government in terms of oil and gas development. But at the same time, they have to toe that line and present a united front specially on Healthcare, which is a huge provincial issue right now and Kian top of the list, both provincially and federally across the country in commitment as well, I’m. But at the same time I mean the printer is did say that they wanted the ability to opt out of it with compensation. It’S not like they’re, all United on the desire for it either answers when it comes to this on the pharmacare again be careful language around a national pharmacare which which which moves away from the language used in the past on my Universal pharmacare, how to go back To the point on on on on the west and why this could be actually a problem for Andrew Scheer, and I think it is a sort of a politically motivated speech in a really careful calculation and I think four Worcestershire. He needs to make this much more. About National Unity, then necessarily sort of pipelines are oil and gas or that single-issue cuz it then it does exactly what he did at the beginning election. It relegates him to eating only far for the West, so he’s got to say something about the GTA he’s got to say something about tomorrow and not make this entirely about TMX Bergen on the hook theater. She had no details about it and she said that they were still putting it together. But what do you think characters from Central Casting that we’ve got to Andrew Scheer and Jason Kenney a stocking there? A cowboy hat Southwest dreaming of oil wells and pipelines with no real concern. As to what that looks like for the rest of the country, they have clearly set themselves Regal voice, only abdicating the rest of the space within the country to to the Liberals in Quebec. From what we have seen, at least from what the black leader is saying, he’s pretty much a agnostic there as long as he gets a deal, I, which I think the Liberals will be able to come in and try to play the whole look. We’Ve got these for all strung together, portrayed him just as toys are for training at Hi Corbett in the UK as being very radical, very big budget very old-fashioned in the approach, and just not something the country can afford. So I think is it plays out. Are all the traps have been set by the Liberals, we’re just about to see who steps into them the rest of the country for where Andrew Scheer has room to step in? I think, as going for in talking about middle-class tax cuts? What form those take talking about? You know the physical anchor for Auto on VSCO update coming shortly. Where is the liberal government’s plan on its finances on you? No concerns about the global economy coming toward some of those issues as the months progress could really resume with voters, and I don’t think that this Throne speech addresses those concerns in a major way that you know the line items are climate-change indigenous reconciliation and and and Gun control, but I think you know where there is room for the conservatives to move in and talk about. Other things are, are on the economic front. Kapelos host of Power & politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News or click the link for another video
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laid out his government’s priorities in the speech from the throne today promising a tax cut, climate action and a ban on military-style firearms. The speech also called on MPs to work across party lines in a minority Parliament.
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