What is a virus? | AFP Animé

By | February 14, 2020

What is a virus? | AFP Animé
What is a virus? | AFP Animé
Viruses from the Latin word for poison, a tiny biological infectious entities such replicate only inside the cells of organisms such as animals plants, bacteria that classified by family according to the composition of the genome, shape or replication mode. The last new virus to imagine China is a coronavirus in reference to the crown of the trooper and sit around at envelope. The exact number of viruses is unknown, but they run into billions.

Let’S have small, they can only be seen using an electron microscope virus is a parasite. Twitchcon survive independently, or at least not for long to multiply a virus penetrate a cell using its contents. For the synthesis of its own components, viruses jump from host to host some buy a close contact with another subject: others through contaminated food or water topletz floating in the air and red cases. They can also promise from one species to another.

These organisms are responsible for some of the worst diseases in history, including flu, Avila smallpox, polio, rabies and AIDS. They can sometimes cause incomplete crop failure. Antibiotics have no effect on the virus. Anti-Virus vaccine can fight them on the positive side used as Tools in biology modified for gene therapy, fights against certain cancers.
Videographic on viruses.

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