What does France want in Libya?

By | December 10, 2019

What does France want in Libya?
What does France want in Libya?
Just said that fight that’s going on between countries that are close to the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, turkey, on the bike to simplify hands those that are dead, set against this up and discuss it with a discussion, hasn’t happened. It has happened on the Turkish side and the Turkish intervention is still smaller compared to the MRI T1 and nobody has been able to even mention this notion that maybe they muracci’s should cool off, and so the burning format has not succeeded in. One reason is that friends has used its diplomatic muscles to make sure that nobody criticizes the American mission in Libya. Why cuz? What’S in it for France, it agrees, I mean it doesn’t want to hurt or Ellen ate a Sunni Arab state that is perceived as the ideal Ally Frances, where that the United States is exhibiting the Middle East, North Africa region of the of the long-run, and in That scope in that new context, it would love to work with someone like the emiratis. They agree on the ideology: they love the D, comic dynamism of the Americas and there’s no question: there’s no desire to them or to anger them in anyway. So there’s an agreement profile of a leaf after buying siding and victory, has the emergence of a pro France, Libya and that’s a dream that has been going on in Paris, full deck.
Jalel Harchaoui explains to François Picard’s panel on The Debate why France supports the Emirati mission in the Libyan Civil War.

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