What can feds do to end train blockades across Canada?

By | February 16, 2020

What can feds do to end train blockades across Canada?
What can feds do to end train blockades across Canada?
What does the federal government and government does it? Cost to provincial governments are involved here need to do to end these protests will meeting with indigenous leaders be enough, and what about the rule of law of these protests are breaking the criminal code, the railway act and Sullivan going on more than a week. So what gives and how do we get through? All of this? That’S bringing the MP speech to the party to give their perspective. Paula V is joining us liberal MP, parliamentary secretary to the Natural Resources Minister happy to have him joining us today from Sudbury.

Ontario is a conservative MP. He is here with me and are warm studio and Leah. Gezan isn’t NDP MP coming to us today from Winnipeg as well we’re very happy to have her on the program. Let me start with you. If I can, as you know summer, all your leadership on the part of the Trudeau government, your take on what needs to be done to resolve this, to see how we will be meeting with the Shawn Bennett Simmons for Bennett has put herself available, as well as To meet with NBC using for Colossians will not run to the results that reflect the people.

Think that’s best. . You just heard the liberal MP saying that it’s about talking people out of breaking the law instead of enforcing a lot, and I would take the position that when you have a small number of people that are recalcitrant in their commitment to Breaking the Law of putting Canadiens at risk that they should not be allowed to do that, and the government, as they’re able to do, should give the direction to the RCMP to enforce the law off. The context of this is It’s really absurd. The indigenous people have a right to develop their resources and a right to express desire to develop through their elected representatives and that’s what they’ve done in the case of this project, all of the band councils are in favor, this project, elected representatives and a majority of The hereditary Chiefs are in favor of this project, greenhouse gas emissions, but you have a minority of not the elected leadership, but the hereditary Chiefs that are opposed to it and they’re welcome to be opposed to it.

But when the overwhelming majority of the indigenous people there are by this project are supportive of it. They have a right to through the representatives, proceed with us and we cannot be the kind of country or a few dozen people can shut down our critical infrastructure. It’S ridiculous that this is happening and the government have to move beyond words to action. If we’re going to be a serious country that believes in the rule of law and where we’re projects can actually move forward in the public, interest.

Springle into the conversation in Winnipeg Leah, what’s your read on this because we certainly heard from drugs talking about how he Is sympathetic with a course some of the positions of some of the protesters, on the other hand, you see some of the economic cost. That’S now happening here, and Ms has garnered is saying. I mean this is a small minority that the elected Chiefs in that part of Ciara on board with this project going back to the rule of law. That’S also holding the Constitution, and that is, I also includes a section 35, a which includes ensuring the freepirn informed consent of indigenous people, and what that means is the right to say yes, no or yes, with conditions are coastal gasoline pipeline.

I was offered by the hereditary Chiefs and alternative routes. That’S it that’s an example, as I’ve indicated before gas with conditions they’ve chosen not to take it, I think it is it. The bigger issue here is a fact that we are currently faced with a crisis, a workers from across this country. Small business owners are being affected and the Prime Minister still hasn’t come back I to deal with this National Emergency. I think all authorities are involved with this issue need to get back to the table and we need to start moving forward.

Prime minister still oversees this is going on here. He says he’s following it closely. Is it time for Justin Trudeau come back and me, and my understanding is Eva next week, he’s going to be heading to the Caribbean? Actually, contact with the leader of the BC government, as well as the Ford tractor, weigh the situation we wanted by having dialogue with the First Nations are so absurd. I mean we have a few dozen protesters across the country that have effectively shut down our national rail network and end the government.

We can’t enforce the law because we’re afraid of escalation. I mean a few dozen people national rail network and for you to say that such a small number of people are doing such damage to our economy. That’S a disgrace. At the lack of leadership Scalia back in the car I mean we’ve had for over a hundred and fifty years consecutive liberal and conservative government’s bickering who had an opportunity to work out long-standing constitutional matters with indigenous Nations across the across the country nation-to-nation basis.

They have failed to do so. We are currently are seeing the impact of failing to do their due diligence of failing to uphold the Constitution I’d. This is putting people out of work, and I and I just want to clear, might as well it’s not just indigenous people, its indigenous and non-indigenous, are so much of which is young people that are just worried about what’s going on with the in the unistone territory. Although distorted people, although it’s a in support and solidarity of their also worried about a climate emergency, this current government under the liberal government, we will not meet climate Target.

Young people are worried there on the Forefront of this issue and they’re saying it’s time to listen. It’S time to listen, we believe in fundamental indigenous human rights. We are worried about the climate emergency. We expect you to meet, I climb at Target and uphold the rule of law and part of that rule of law is section 35, witches, Aboriginal rights and title, and also the the the rights of indigenous people to have free, p***, informed consent. The fact that these governments, both the liberal and conservative governments, have failed to do so now we see yourself in this crisis and it since it’s something small business owners is it affecting people that have businesses with via, and I think they need to stop what they’re Doing they need to get to the table and start a real nation-to-nation dialogue and get this moving forward 30 seconds ahead? What number one number two? We have no authority over the RGB to call the mint, because the only ones on your neighbors are smoking.

Deal. foreign crisis and all right we’re going to have to leave it there, but thanks to all three of you for coming on, obviously very heated conversation and a very important story, as our country goes through list all the five joining us from Sudbury to Elliot. Then in Winnipeg in here and Studio Garnet Dennis as well. Thank you preciate.
MPs Garnett Genuis and Paul Lefebvre have a heated exchange over the ongoing train blockades in support of the Wet’suwet’en.

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