Wet’suwet’en supporters in Victoria rally outside government buildings

By | February 16, 2020

Wet’suwet’en supporters in Victoria rally outside government buildings
Wet’suwet’en supporters in Victoria rally outside government buildings
Hundreds of people are holding demonstrations that government buildings in Victoria today organizers, told protesters to keep things peaceful this morning has been geared up for the day of action and a court injunction bar demonstrators from the legislative grounds. There are hundreds of people demonstrating in Victoria today. Protesters are spread around the city outside government buildings in the cbc’s Tanya Fletcher is in Victoria and she joins us now. Iso Tana you’ve been there for a few hours. Now.

What have you seen around the city? This is when they’re supposed to be wrapping up so a few of the different government office. Us demonstrations have Consolidated here and you can see it’s billed as a government shutdown. However, they have been very peaceful. They said we’re not protesters, we are picketers, and so you can see Pockets throughout the city. This is one of the main intersection in this city. You can see there’s another group coming just across the street from their location as they begin to to to take down there at their pickets cause violence.

We’Re not here, intimidate, intimidate we’re not here to shame anyone. They say they are very much here to send a message, but if he’s the one, we are not stopping anyone from entering or leaving completely peaceful. We are not touching. Anyone if we are talking to them were talking to them with love in our hearts, and we just want them to know why we’re here, what we believe in and why, if they choose to stand with us, that would be amazing and how like that, would speak Volumes to the issue and the movement Apple, I’m so we’ve been speaking from the government as well, and it’s so so far they’ve been very open to you know.

They very much supports peaceful protest in the right to do so, and not has been exactly everything here today on during a protest now at the legislature earlier this week are pretty heated, though Tanya. How did the government prepare for today’s protest? How to plan in place for today, because they are targeting government offices until what that plan was. But it sounds like at several hours in many of these government workers simply didn’t come into work. Today they were has given the option to work from home or keep in mind it’s a Friday of a we can so many I have flex days and would have taken the day off anyway.

So the impact in that regard seems to have been quite minimal. We didn’t witness what we witnessed a small handful of workers showing up at the building, but they were not blocking anyone from entering. So we were certainly being vocal and visible, but but nobody was being violated was no unlawful actions that we could see very clear that what happened at the legislature on Tuesday, when the protesters surrounding the play on all sides blocking all entrances are there were reports of Assaults, Victoria police on napping but investigating the premier said that was unacceptable.

What we’re seeing here today is a much different seeing these people have been friendly and open and do the beginning a lot of her a lot of support from a lot of people around the city, her Andrew, what they’re saying some of the chance? What you’ve been hearing, how to put to take a listen, what’s Owenton sovereignty and so they’re very much in support of the hereditary Cheese’s in wet? So it is, and a lot of people told this government accountable people over profit, but overall just brought support for rent Thornton and their message for today.

Tanya. Thank you that is the cdc’s penny.
Supporters of the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs who oppose the construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline through their traditional territory in northern B.C. have pledged to disrupt government operations across the provincial capital.

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