Westminster’s Best In Show: Meet Siba The Standard Poodle | TIME

By | February 14, 2020

Westminster’s Best In Show: Meet Siba The Standard Poodle | TIME
Westminster’s Best In Show: Meet Siba The Standard Poodle | TIME
Ladies and gentlemen, last night. show was incredible: there’s just so many people there they’re all so happy and cheering for the dogs. You can tell they all love dog. The dogs can sense that see that she really really look that up. You can just see in her movement that little bit of extra, so she loves. It – is funny because she can go from this very calm, Placid Suite dog to twist a nut. She goes outside. She runs like a maniac. She plays with my two-year-old and she just likes being house-dog.

She just likes hanging out with us sleeping on the couch LOL. Then she was officially retired now and we’re hoping the springs baby mom. I grew up with standard poodles. They love children, they’re so easy to train. They want to make you happy, and I just think that’s one of the things that makes them such great dogs cuz. When you have a dog that just wants you to be happy, that’s their entire universe.
Her owners decided that it was Siba’s time to retire after this Westminster round, making the win all the sweeter. This is only the fifth time a standard poodle has won Best in Show.

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Westminster’s Best In Show: Meet Siba The Standard Poodle

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