Westerdam passenger with coronavirus slips through screening

By | February 17, 2020

Westerdam passenger with coronavirus slips through screening
Westerdam passenger with coronavirus slips through screening
This is a walk of relief for 2 weeks, Stephen Hansen and his wife were among the 271 Canadian stock aboard the westerdam. The cruise ship left Hong Kong on February 1st and had many stops planned along the way before ending in Japan, but the ship was turned away by 5 different countries over fears of the Coronavirus about two weeks now, initially Holland America said there was no one sick On it ship, the company said there was no known or suspected cases of the coronavirus onboard Cambodia agreed to let the passengers disembark on Friday after they were screened, but one of the passengers and American woman who then flew on to Malaysia, has since tested positive for Covet 19, and not as alarming Health experts, because the passengers were trapped aboard, but not confined to their rooms.

Give me that there’s a passenger on this Cruise Line, the tested positive for Coronavirus that and the fact that this Cruise Line was not quarantine. That makes other passengers at risk. They pass through at least three countries before riding in Vancouver. I felt a little bit like that movie Argo. You know where you’re trying to get the Arabian hostages out, but everything was routine until they arrived home border agents at the Vancouver Airport sing at the gate to escort them, and that was about it. So, and we know we, we signed a form if I would really wasn’t there a health for him.

It was really more just now Racing Form. Tonight Health officials say all the ship’s Canadian passengers are now being instructed to go into self quarantine for 14 days and will undergo further examination and screening Austin grabbing CBC News.
Experts are concerned after a passenger on the Westerdam cruise ship was diagnosed with COVID-19 after being screened for the coronavirus. Canadians who were on board the ship weren’t quarantined upon returning home. 

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