Weinstein’s defence makes closing arguments attacking victims’ credibility

By | February 14, 2020

Weinstein’s defence makes closing arguments attacking victims’ credibility
Weinstein’s defence makes closing arguments attacking victims’ credibility
It was his final opportunity to defend himself in a landmark court case. Harvey Weinstein’s defense team represented that closing statements urging the jury to acquit the disgraced Hollywood producer of charges of I’m sexual assaults. Weinstein’S lead attorney donna, rotunno appeal to jurors to use that quote common sense. Cuz she said prosecutors were trying to build a universe where women would not responsible for that interactions with men.

Regina has consistently salt to undermine Weinstein’s accuses, are referring to emails and texts that show them on friendly terms of him. After the alleged incidents, prosecutors, though, say that line of attack doesn’t best scrutiny. It is a rape myth that a person who is a rape or sexual assault victim doesn’t have any more contact with that person. Over 18 women have accused Weinstein of sexual. He faces charges based on the allegations of just two of them.

Despite that, many hopes are pinned on the trial being a watershed moment for the me-too movement abusers like Weinstein Weinstein has pleaded not guilty to the five counts against him by his team, not to risk taking the the prosecution will present its closing arguments on Friday before Jurors begin considering wine seems fate and next week, when they must reach a unanimous verdict.
A lawyer for Harvey Weinstein on Thursday took aim at the credibility of the women accusing the former movie producer of sexual assault and urged jurors in the closing arguments of his New York trial to acquit him.

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