Weinstein closing arguments tell competing narratives

By | February 16, 2020

Weinstein closing arguments tell competing narratives
Weinstein closing arguments tell competing narratives
Is there closing arguments Harvey Weinstein’s defense team presented him as the victim? As expected, current picture saying: Weinstein acted like they king of his Universe. The universe has run by me and they don’t get to complain when they get stepped on spit on demoralized and yes, raped and abused the losing side. Mimicking Weinstein, Lil Uzi show the jury, testimony from actress, Annabella, Sciorra and Jessica man side-by-side. She said each gave similar details, despite not knowing each other, despite their allegations of rape taking place decades.

Apart of his excercising, his power of His manipulating them of his abusing them before she or his accusation, became public. This was consensual or deny it Weinstein wrote loses voice Rose, as she pointed dramatically to the monitor I submit to you. The confession: Weinstein has contended that the relationships working pointing to Friendly emails and texts after the alleged assault, the prosecution, reminded the jury that sexual assault Survivors often maintain contact with their assailants. There are no Blurred Lines here. This is a crime.

Lil Uzi suggest. Does a Hollywood Big Shot Weinstein likely didn’t mean to assault women, but did it anyway? Maybe his Kink is the fear in their eyes that last comment that over loud objections from the defense case, that should be about evidence that shouldn’t be about emotion. It shouldn’t be about feelings and it’s not a popularity contest. It comes down to whether the jury believe the witnesses against Weinstein the jury will in their deliberations on Tuesday Steven de Souza CBC News New York.
In closing arguments at Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault trial, the defence paints him as a victim while the prosecutors say Weinstein saw his victims as “ complete disposables.” The jury will begin deliberations on Feb. 18.
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