Weighing the dangers of coronavirus against the flu

By | February 16, 2020

Weighing the dangers of coronavirus against the flu
Weighing the dangers of coronavirus against the flu
When it comes to symptoms of the flu and coronavirus, are similar fever cough headache, nasal congestion and vomiting, but this coronavirus also commonly comes with a shortness of breath and pneumonia. Symptoms which are serious usual death is basically lung failure, so people just aren’t able to oxygenate there blood well enough and they can get a so-called. Basically, they go into almost like a shock type type state. That may explain why the hospitalization rate for the virus in China is so hi about 16 %, while in Canada the rate for the flu.

This season is 7 %. In both cases, people with mild symptoms aren’t always counted, so these rates might actually be lower. Some don’t even know they’ve been infected. I don’t have any symptoms, I would have never known. Had I not been randomly chosen, the coronavirus has a higher death rate in China. There been 29 deaths for every thousand, confirmed cases in Canada. Complications. The flu this season have killed just two out of every thousand people diagnosed, that a lot of people have mild infections, and so they recovered quite quickly and and quite well from the infection.

There are smaller proportion of people who are getting severely ill. The blue into rotavirus can vary when it comes to how contagious they are. With the H1, N1 flew, the transmission rate is 1.3 or one infected person. Typically infects 1.3 people for this coronavirus. It’S almost double our recent study, put it as high as 2.2 higher than SARS, which was too when it comes to prevention, flu, shots reduce the risk of illness depending on the flu strain, but there no vaccine for coronaviruses basic hand, hygiene and limiting your exposure to Coughing and sneezing are still the best ways to protect yourself in either case they could OPI CBC News.

The symptoms may be similar and while the flu has claimed 38 lives in Canada this season compared to zero deaths by coronavirus, the concerns around the latter remain. The reasons include the fact there is no vaccine and that the coronavirus is a lot more infectious than influenza.

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