Weekend weather – Storm Dennis arrives making flooding likely 13/02/20

By | February 14, 2020

Weekend weather – Storm Dennis arrives making flooding likely 13/02/20
Weekend weather – Storm Dennis arrives making flooding likely 13/02/20
Welcome to Weekend Update from the metrofest another weekend while we’re talking about a storm. Last weekend it was stormcarib this weekend. Storm Dennis arrives it’s similar to Stone care in some ways, but there are important differences may want me to let the winds associated with storm Dennis are expected to be a little bit less than those from the storm. . However, Dennis is likely to bring more widespread heavy rainfall and that for a greater risk of for the flooding now against, Dennis is an area of low pressure which, like Stone Kira, is developing Eastern Seaboard of the United States, intensifying fried as it crosses the Atlantic, squeezing Together, so yes, it will be windy, but slight difference track of Dennis.

Is it pushes a bit further north will allow water at a push-up a response of the Southlands. That’S crucial, because woman brings more moisture with that. That is one of the reasons why painful with Dennis is likely to be heavier more widely across the UK and that’s why there’s a greater risk of more widespread flooding from Dennis. Having said that, it will still be a very windy all week and we start off with and then the sound of heavy rain traction to Scotland and Northern Ireland spots in North East England may not see too much rain until Saturday afternoon.

But look at this by the end of Saturday, much of the UK will be experiencing heavy rain and strong Gusty winds. Does winds like to reach 50 miles an hour in line 60 to 70 miles an hour around, so it getting knocked down from carrot last weekend, but still with the potential to cause damage and disruption get into double-digits, maybe even into the teens medical? She wouldn’t feel well. Pleasant, don’t dentists that hangs around through Saturday night into Sunday get a lot of isobars on the job.

This weather friend pushes South with bringing rain, and then it kind of riddles, Ruffles and it’s this waving weather front – continues to bring Ryan Echoes parts of the South. So again, that is why we’re concerned about rainfall amounts really starting to build up through the weekend. Just look across the South, it is a very silky saw, play Indie for the Northeast Mason of a dryer and bright up, but they’ll still be a lot of showers, packing it and still windy and again after storm Karen. After what has been a very Lively week of weather, three structures May well have been weakened soul of the Winds, Maine be quite as strong as carrot.

They could still cause damage and disruption temperature. It will be getting into the teens that Maude, that Dennis is bringing a little bit cooler cuantas wax on Sunday with some brightest bells in between those shower. So, just to remind that there are warnings in force this weekend, Amber warnings for rainfall and many yellow warning for both win and ride. Please make sure you stay up-to-date, see if you’ll area is going to be affected by these weather warning best way to do that.
After Storm Ciara last weekend, this weekend it’s Storm Dennis. The winds from this storm system are not expected to be as strong as last weekend however, the heavy rain from Dennis is expected to be more widespread than from Ciara and there is a greater risk of flooding over larger areas. Alex Deakin explains.

The forecast and any weather warnings within this video are accurate at time of recording.

To ensure you have the most up to date weather information, check the forecast on www.metoffice.gov.uk or via the Met Office app.

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