Weekend weather – Blustery and changeable 05/12/19

By | December 11, 2019

Weekend weather – Blustery and changeable 05/12/19
Weekend weather – Blustery and changeable 05/12/19
I want them to the weekend forecast from the Met Office week so far across many parts of the country, while the weather is not attending much more changeable from the north. Having said that, it starts off relatively dry in many areas, and I continues the most of the day on Saturday before an area of wind and rain sweeps across the country latest Saturday and into the start of Sunday on Sunday, South, along with an increasingly strong wind, Could that sort of thing actually, on Friday afternoon in the evening in the Southeast, with some life examples strong winds, pushing through quite quickly Friday night for the shy was into the north and west of Scotland and Northern Ireland to Scotland is full especially thought, and I Have a frosty phone he’s not exactly like. We have seen during many of the mornings during the week so far with a window Abreva in between by the side of the UK, very rich of high pressure affecting many places. So a lot of brightness East. It’S largely price and rice on Saturday, Northern Ireland, because of this weather front, the wind picks up here as well make it feel to take me Pleasant, most places during the hours of Darkness on Saturday night. So what style of two three hours of wet and windy weather before it is out of the way, as most people are up on Sunday having sex turn on the way in the form of showers for Sunday, Maniac, Weston, Britain butts or several by the end of The afternoon on Sunday, singing strong wind gust around 50 miles an hour surrounding the showers during the day time on Sunday, and you wouldn’t realize Halen Sunday, combined with the showers as well and also some sleet and snow affecting Northern Hills. But with all of that going on, of course, it’s not going to feel very pleasant, whatever the temperature is 11 or 12 in the size cold for the North and then the Winds of particular concern heading into Sunday nights, because you can see this tightening of the Isobars to the west of the UK, in that tends to spread its way into Southwestern parts of the country for Sunday evening and later on, to the nights as well. I love that the moment we’re keeping an eye on it, bring the potential of more than 60 miles per hour for say popsicle in the Northern parts of Devon, so we’ll keep an eye on that 2. Followers on social media,
Following a fine start to the weekend, the weather turns increasingly blustery and changeable later Saturday. Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern has the forecast.

The forecast and any weather warnings within this video are accurate at time of recording.

To ensure you have the most up to date weather information, check the forecast on www.metoffice.gov.uk or via the Met Office app.

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