Wednesday mid-morning forecast 12/02/20

By | February 14, 2020

Wednesday mid-morning forecast 12/02/20
Wednesday mid-morning forecast 12/02/20
Moraine on its way, as we had 3 tonight to and into tomorrow, with the risk of snow across Southern Scotland and Northern England, it’s Wednesday, the 12th of February, to hear you headlines for today, as rain, arrives in the southwest that take a look at the detail. While we seen a lot of snow showers over the last few days, closing some quite significant disruption on the roads and they will continue particular through this morning into the first part of this afternoon. So prepare districts of Highland just got in the hills of Northern Ireland.

Then showers arrive across the South and Southwest and they could turn heavy it through the alternates many areas. Despite a windy start in the north, the winds will gradually lose that sting. So it’s free Wednesday evening and overnight two things happened. The first returns to the north and it will be severe and places, and it will rain bicycles at Southwest for the strengthening wind Heavy Rain to come through the hours of the morning array morning. In. Northern Island Threw into Thursday, and then not rain turns to snow across Southern Scotland on the phone with having them, particularly a Cambria, so high lights above around 200 meters could actually see some snow for time up to 10 centimeters before this system.

Claire’S of the same, I had a right to see some Clara Skies, a line to win the central northern areas of Scotland with lowest. Temperatures could be down tomorrow at 10 12 Celsius across the Glens and some heavy rain to come through the are the hours of Thursday morning as this rain sweeps across the country. So we can pull visibility associated with those heavy bus and with us. Their amount of stuff is worth that they could be issues on the road you are out and about through a Thursday morning, heavy showers with him following these.

Could it be heavy, as you can see, this talk of rain extends from Northern Ireland, Southern Scotland down towards the southeast and, as I said, he’s a very, very cold start, the first further north, so sweet, I say we watch is the salary of rain and snow? Tends to grow into a hotel for southern Scotland, essential Bell to Scotland as well as Eastern England, is continuing across England and Wales. A little sunshine coming through here are quiet today, though Western Scotland, but so bitterly cold, and eventually this rain eases as it clears tools.

They are not safe temperature, struggling particular of such a cold start in the north 5, 6 7 towards the West, as well as the Southwest. So through Thursday evenings are the evening. Russia could be slightly better than the morning. Russia Alliance know where we sing this Sub-Zero temperatures, icy conditions, hair and then some dry weather to end a Thursday evening. So that’s a picture on Thursday. I had you can see slight Ridge of high pressure sore Frost into Friday morning and then the system he brings with it wet and windy conditions through Friday outbreaks of rain and strong winds that the rain warning and forth and then storm Dennis waits in the wings And it will Rachel across the country through Saturday and into Sunday when one is Gossip to 70 miles an hour quite significant rain view.

All this significant weather, with significant impacts coming all the way into the weekend, stay tuned to the forecast, as you can see, their strong winds extend into Sunday and also into Monday, or they will keep you posted here on all social media channels and Deuce on YouTube.
12 February – National weather forecast presented by Clare Nasir

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