WATCH LIVE: The National for Thursday, Feb. 13 — Protests force rail shutdowns; New Huawei charges

By | February 17, 2020

WATCH LIVE: The National for Thursday, Feb. 13 — Protests force rail shutdowns; New Huawei charges
WATCH LIVE: The National for Thursday, Feb. 13 — Protests force rail shutdowns; New Huawei charges
Tonight, after days of protests, delays disruption, rail service across Canada and shutdown. The demands and ottawa’s next need to make sure that those laws are followed can be bleed or influence by anybody hospitals plan to solve hallway medicine and it’s working. This is the national. The number of what’s a wooden solidarity protest may be small, but their impacts are huge and tonight those protesters two of Canada’s biggest Rail lines to a halt with just a half-dozen blockades. Demonstrators have pushed VIA Rail to an almost complete standstill and see in a backbone of a Canadian economy, has shut down lines in at least half the.

The protests are in solidarity with the wood so within hereditary Chiefs, and they are opposed to a natural gas pipeline project in northern BC. Demonstrator say they won’t go unless the will of the Chiefs is respected. Greg Rasmussen now the growing impact from the standoff in Quebec. One of a number of blockades does managed to bring rail traffic to a screeching halt. We Are One people, so we have to stand together. We have to stand and help each another is in Saskatchewan, agree with what’s happening and that we stand for the environment and Ontario your loss, with only a few exceptions via passenger service was canceled across the country, leaving some passengers irate give her a try to block A road or something we we will be in jail for 24 hours.

This afternoon, commuter rail service along a CN line was canceled due to a new protest people in which moves 250 billion dollars worth of goods by rail each year that it’s shutting down its entire Eastern Network, because the orders of the court and Ontario have yet to Be enforced and continue to be ignored is hit by the disruptions are once again calling for Ottawa to clarify its consultation process with indigenous groups. These things can be spelled out and they can be spelled out and need to be spelled out because we are not getting anywhere in the country.

This blockade ended today after BC’s government agreed to new talks with the gets and then what’s Owen First Nations, but now with Canada to shut down. The pressure is on it’s an opportunity for the government’s provincial and Cat to correct this with barricades gone in some areas. Going up in others, there was this close encounter between a train and pipeline opponents in BC or early this evening, showing it’s very much a fluid uncertain tuition for all red Rasmussen, CBC News Vancouver to stay out of both with swords and leaders and the BC government To find a solution on their own, but as Olivia stefanovic explains today his hand was forced after gayest of political pressure over blockades like this one.

Today, the Prime Minister responded laws are followed, a significant shift in tone. The federal government had describe this as an issue between British Columbia and the wood, so did now as the Canadian economy braces for damaged the Liberals changed their strategy this morning, a letter from the minister of indigenous services to the Mohawk, inviting them to a meeting with One request discontinue the protest in barricades of the train tracks and encouraging them to end the protest here in time to Mega Ontario and support the wet.

So the Prime Minister may be overseas, but he has been getting briefed regularly on the situation, and so today he wrote to the hereditary Chiefs offering to have crown indigenous relations. Minister Carolyn Bennett attend the meeting between the wets Orton and the Bee Premier to discuss the current situation and to seek a process that avoid such situations in the future. Like this, one in Ontario remain with some protesters not yet ready to give up. Olivia stefanovic CBC News tyendinaga. Clearly there are differences between the wood, Souderton hereditary Chiefs and the over the pipeline project.

Less clear is how much support the Chiefs have among their own people, Tina lovegreen. Now, in the internal divisions within that indigenous Community, I see on social media where our people targeted ever since the pipeline was approved, karadogan taste says she’s been facing resistance. Even threats of the former elected was so attend. Chief. She signed one of the agreements to approve the coastal gasoline pipeline card. I know I’m doing the right thing. I’Ve done the right thing for our people and my heart is in the right place and she believes the project will bring prosperity.

What is the true, proper training, trades, education and a job? The traditional leaders in place before the imposition of the Indian Act oppose it, everything that that represents has been ignored and bypass and that’s unacceptable. They have never given up their right to self-determination. This expert says the government has never officially acknowledged the traditional governance of the hereditary Chiefs, but he’s Community is dealing with that differently. Have your house in order, but nobody is United on one particular thing and longtime advocate for l & g.

He says politicians should stay out of the discussions inside the wet, so it’s First Nation and no manipulation. Several Clan meetings are planned. Stop the /, the elected councillors are with certain people, their clan members to, and we all matter, lovegreen CBC News, Chilliwack and we’ll have more on this story later in the hour. Rosie and a tissue are standing by to talk about the government’s response, and what could happen next. 10 are getting desperate more than 200. Passengers are sick with the coronavirus among them.

12. Canadians is Cali Pro with one couples. Please for help 50. Canadians trapped in their cabins, that’s Alan chow and his wife Diana from Toronto. They haven’t left the room in 7 days and they desperately want off the ship. They even joined Twitter to call 4help tweeting photos of their meals, their room and they’re. Also working the phones calling all the water in the local Embassy in Japan test part of a living science experiment, a floating petri dish cruise ships are perfectly designed to spread viral infection, will set limits, eyes contact by maintaining a 6ft door to me, distance away from Others at least 218 passengers have somehow become infected, the largest concentration of cases outside China.

So far, 12 Canadians are sick, including the couple travelling with the Chows 7218, including my serious by my friend for some people to disembark from the ship and be put in quarantine on sure we’re. Following with that, the details of that plan have so far not been released. Kelly Crowe CBC News Toronto. Another cruise ship carrying a hundred more Canadians, has finally anchored off the coast of Cambodia. This, after being turned away by several other countries over coronavirus, fears, BMS westerdam was told a week ago that Japan would not accept it.

There were concerns, it might have come into contact with infected people, but there are no confirmed cases on board since last week it’s been searching for place to let people off. Canada’S foreign affairs minister says his Cambodian counterpart Asher’s him. Passengers are being helped Adidas embarkation of the Canadiens onboard. We have more than 250 Canadians on board that they could go on shore transfer to plump and which is the capital and then onward to their destination. It’Ll take a few days for the more than 1,400 passenger to be flown to the capital and then home there is political Fallout from this outbreak.

Officials fired in Assassin. Patrick’S shows Blaine could ship to the president next, some two months since the coronavirus was first founded. Wuhan and hushed up senior Communist Party officials are paying the price the top man in virus filled. Hubei Province was fired today, as was the party boss for Wuhan, both were dismissed by President Xi. Jinping strike against local officials who have angered people at the EpiCentre of this crisis after disappearing for days as the epidemic grow. Bigger and his doctors and patients grew desperate, resurface this week in Beijing.

Joking with locals during a hospital and urging on Wuhan medical workers by video-link, she has avoided actually visiting the hardest hit Area. Even is the government response initially floundered proof to do well. . This kind of party State system is quite fresh out for 7 years. She is trying to duck responsibility in good time, but during the bed time when people want to find someone to blame, he is still want to play and an even bigger crisis could be looming for she and economic one. If quarantined, workers can’t get back to their factories soon as supply chain grade some kind of life, not only Chinese companies but also likes a shirt companies and also like in the US as the problems pileup, she is facing the biggest challenge since he became president grown.

So much she’s, a reverently called The People’s leader Trouble Is Right. Now the people aren’t happy Sasa petricic, CBC News, Hong Kong, illegal Warfare, Canada has been caught in the middle and now that war is heating up the US justice department filed a raft brand new charges on top of those related to Canada’s arrest of top executive Hmong Lingerie, the news is paint the company as a criminal Enterprise that spent decades stealing secrets from us companies as Katie Simpson explains. This will have an impact on the US, China relationship with implications for Canada, upping the ante against Huawei the US Department of Justice added fresh charges to his case against the Chinese technology giant, accusing it of racketeering, stealing Trade Secrets and violating sanctions by doing business.

North Korea allegations that come as Canada is still deciding whether to allow the Chinese firm to help build. It’S 5G Network Administration is demanding Canada and other allies band, walk away from anything related to 5G next-generation networks that will boost internet speed. Do you ask fears? Huawei? Will spy for the Chinese government last month the UK Define the American demand allowing wahway to take on a limited role about Huawei and if ID deployment, I were examining those options, much larger call between Washington and Beijing to be the world’s leader in technology.

Canada is stuck in the middle after police, in Vancouver, arrested, Huawei CFO, Meng wanzhou on an extradition request from the US. China has retaliated detaining two Canadian citizens by blocking billions of dollars in canola sale and buy threatening to make things worse is Huawei is band 1? Canadian Telecom isn’t waiting for ottawa’s decision in a statement tell us announced today it will begin rolling out its 5G Network shortly and our initial module will be with Huawei autawash Embrace for blowback.

If it does not ban Huawei, President Donald Trump reportedly launched into a scathing tirade against prime minister Boris Johnson when they spoke about the UK’s. Katie Simpson, CBC News, Washington, there’s a lingering questions and I didn’t Washington. Has American Justice been subverted to serve Donald Trump and Trump raged against the prison sentence? Pace by his longtime Ally was mysteriously light now is Paul Hunter explain. The US attorney general is on are trying to reassure critics. This isn’t what it looks like, seemingly in lockstep with the president from the get-go us attorney Joe Bill.

Barr has long been visibly labeled by critics little more than Donald Trump’s, very own personal lawyer today, from bar a slap down against Trump. I have a problem with some of some of the some of Trump’s tweets. He said make it impossible for me to do my job and I’m not going to be bullied or influence by anybody, and I said it’s a mother’s Congress newspaper editorial board for the present. I’M going to do what I think is right: the stunning rebuke from bars all about long-time Trump Ally, Rodger, Stone, who’s, convicted of obstructing investigators.

Examining the 2016 Trump campaigns lynx Russia. On Monday Federal lawyers recommended he now spends seven to nine years in prison in a tweet hours later, Trump called that horrible and very unfair, and soon after that, the justice department changed. It sentencing recommendation softening it not because of trump said bar, but none the less for of bars prosecutors then withdrew from the case. In protest Trump congratulated bar a nine-year sentence. You have murders and drug addicts it’ll get nine years nine years, but doing something that nobody even can Define what he did and even as bar pushed back against Trump.

So to Trump’s. Former Chief of Staff, John Kelly, who last night twice lashed out at the president, saying among other swipes that in those nuclear talks with North Korea, Trump got played tweeted Trump. Today, Kelly was in over his head and indeed, bil-bar was reminded. Trump has no for disloyalty. He was asked: is he prepared for what trunk Nadeau doing now said? The Attorney General, of course, Paul Hunter CBC News Washington entering the conservative leadership race they are to step down five years ago.

Is Stephen Harper’s foreign affairs minister has been sought after to challenge presume FrontRunner, Peter MacKay, but in a series of early evening, tweets Baird thanked Canadiens for their support and confirm he would not be running. Adding was incredibly happy with his post political life and that he will remain a proud conservative activists. Closing arguments are underway at the trial of former movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein. The defense is trying to present Harvey Weinstein as the real victim.

The defense rests next on the national. We take you inside the court solution. We got a notice that the train was canceled and it’s a tissue night. The politics of the protest Rosie & the Gang on what comes next will back into welcome back the trial of former Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein is in closing arguments and today his Defence blasted his accusers and the accusations as a me to fever. I’M not supported by the facts. Stephen desouza has Weinstein’s last word in court before the jury. Deliberates New Year’s Day Harvey Weinstein took a front row seat at the most critical production of his life as an alternate universe.

They’Ve created that strips the adult women of Common Sense, autonomy and responsibility, Donna rotunno, told the jury. The defense has always contended Weinstein’s encounters with the women who testified against him were consensual. Today, rotunno zeroed in on the two main users, Mimi haleyi and Jessica man. She question their motives and they changing and inconsistent stories, but you know highlighted Jessica Manns admission that she had a sexual relationship with Weinstein even after he allegedly raped her and a New York 2013.

She made a choice that she wanted the life that he could potentially provide for her highlighting years of friendly, even 40 messages between the two rotunno asked. If man’s behavior was that of someone who was raped or someone in relationship, she reminded the jury. This isn’t a popularity contest being a sex addict and being a rapist or two different things that defense is trying to present Harvey Weinstein as the real victim. I don’t think that Harvey Weinstein is deserving of certainly my sympathy.

Gloria Allred represents two of the women. In this case she said the defense was outdated, rape, myths and that there are numerous reasons why victims maintain contact even sexually with their assailant. It doesn’t mean that the original rape or sexual assault didn’t happen. If there’s subsequent contact, rotunno told jurors that they are all that stands between overzealous prosecution, fuel by the media is as the me-too movement vs. , the Mughal did Weinstein’s defensive tackle. That was a Target movement in at the women change their stories after the New York Times expose came out in 2017, and for that reason they said yours should look at what the women said at the time of the event, not what they’re saying now was Weinstein Was leaving he said he loved her to those common any reference to movie that he made saying I made The King’s Speech.

That was the queen speech. Adrian asked the prosecution they’ll give their closing arguments tomorrow and then deliberations are expected to begin onto alright. Thank you. Stephen desouza in New York tonight and we are following several other stores across the country tonight, starting in Regina, we’re police, say a twenty-five-year-old is responsible for three separate killings. Over three months, Dylan Ricky White have been charged with first-degree murder in connection with three killings. Starting in November of last year.

Please say: White Hawk is a member of a Saskatchewan based Street gang, but don’t believe the killings were gang directed. The commute was a big pain this morning after a derailment shut down a section of the City subway for more than six hours in less than a month, more than a hundred shuttle buses were brought in. But at this point, officials have not determined what caused this derailment of the first place and author magazine, writer and columnist and Kingston has died. The throttle native health long tenure is a senior writer in Maclean’s magazine covering high-profile stories like The Bill Cosby trial and the murders of honey and Barry Sherman Kingston was diagnosed in December with an aggressive cancer.

She was 62 still had on the national if you’ve been to an emergency room. You’Ve, probably seen patients injuring long wait, sometimes and hallways ahead. One Toronto hospitals plan to end those weights. While it’s working the first, let’s get you over to Rosie and Hadrian. It’S a tissue night Thursday, my favorite day of the week, Shantel Andrew althia Raj, tackle the politics of the protest as a tension between protesters and provincial governments. Ratchets up what will it take get the two sides across the table at issue is back right after this.

After more than a week of Auntie pipeline protest ready now on rail tracks across the country, VIA Rail has temporarily canceled most of its services and CN has shut down its eastern operations. Laws are followed earlier today. The federal government also changed the way it was engaging. Minister of indigenous Services has now offered to meet with the tyendinaga Mohawk protesters in return for ending that blockade, NBC offer from the premier and Ottowa to the wet so attend hereditary Chiefs. So what do you make of how the federal government has handled all of this? It is Thursday, and I’m here with that issue – don’t tell me about is in Montreal Andrew Coyne is in Toronto, and althia Raj is here in Ottawa.

Okay, what what changed here? Do we do we think or – or was this now? The only thing that could have happened, Chantelle from the rail company said they were looking at osher or stuffing their operations because these demonstrations were not coming to a halt. I’M guessing that’s from the outside Canadians will not be able to answer your question as to how the federal government has handle this, because the impressionist that they have not handled it, that they have not handled it and her or is it the impression that they have Tried to keep it as a British Columbia.

What’S so it’s an issue and and and now have been dragged into it has been overseas in part because they don’t seem to even fully seized with this issue. It’S been building over the last week from a essentially a difference of a political differences within the community. Sleeping with this is a provincial matter that don’t ask us to deal with it just because it involves, for example, Railways. I just think it has been a pretty disgraceful absence of leadership, seeing if it could work out a different way without the federal government doing now what they’re going to do over the next few days.

I agree that there was a vacuum of leadership. I think I’m part it was because of the Prime Minister was overseas, but that I think, raises other questions. Like a minister, I take actions independently, I mean. Surely the phone exist right. We for particular reasons. It took too long for the federal government to get involved and I think the level of involvement was basically I’m writing three emails to a group of mohawks and Ontario, and where will we will respond to a letter from an indigenous community that tangentially related to this Issue Sing: We Will, We Will administer Bennett, we’ll sit down in British Columbia, the perspective of indigenous Canadians, but if a blockade of trains is liable to bring the government to a conversation, that’s how so bad because it’s rewards what is ultimately your legal Behavior yeah.

I guess they’re hereditary Chiefs that are have been protesting or are different, and we’ve also right about this over the course of the week than the elected band in Inwood. So it in and – and I wonder what you know again – just to put it on the table. Weather talking to the chief finish, your request would have not LED Credence to to a group of people that the majority of the community doesn’t necessarily agree with. What would there have been any danger in doing that, but good, not the government of British Columbia.

I understand spend some time until recently trying to come to agreement with those same Chiefs, so it’s not as if no one has been talking to them, the elected councils and Chiefs and the artichoke cheese who have differences within the herd of chiefs. There were in favor of the title, obviously with very deep roots and – and we can go into all that, but they but clearly when it’s when it’s become this kind of Tinderbox. You got to go to the root of that and try to to work out. Some better decision-making structure doesn’t happen again what it was.

What does it tell us about reconciliation writ large, and I don’t mean it you know like if Dad or whatever so I mean in terms of how difficult it is or isn’t an end, the opportunities that are there that may or may not be the taken by Government will start with You LP on that I don’t think reconciliation is dead. I think what this issue highlights is that issues it or not Southwest will continue to come to the fore, whether it’s that they’ll go to sleep for a week. You know what that, if you talk to you hereditary Chiefs and lawyers in the groups that support them, or you talk to the federal government today, you got two very, very different interpretation of who they should be listening to.

What’S the actual rights are so obviously the issue of asserting title and what the territory is exactly what the rights of the hereditary Chiefs are and who speaks for whom? That has a knot that has not been at, but we dealt well on that on that point. To invoice question is not whether one should listen to the downtown to Auraria to Terry Chase, but whether one should listen to the will of the community and as far from clear for me at this point to who really speaks for the will of the for the Government of British Columbia and few governments would have done more due diligence on an issue like that that particular government.

By the way you speak to the council and the referendums have taken place. I am guessing that the usual rules apply to everyone. That is the voice of the community. Has to be yours, no matter the title. If the people who don’t like the end result quick round on 208 crying need for more clarity, more clarity on who speaks for indigenous peoples on these is not just in this. This present case, but more generally, there’s a crying need for Clarity on what exactly that you need to consult, obtains weather weather, it’s just simply right and there’s an issue of what exactly the moving Target that receives the further you get the clothes you got to it Until we start to to to clarify these things, I think we’re going to continue to be around the dark, which is really the only story of the race at this point who doesn’t want the job I just quickly.

All of you want on what you make of that hotel. This is a Des Plaines, looking at the field at something we’ll have to break, or else called policy discussion, or else it’s going to be one long, painful process through the least bad alternative being elected, and it is turning into something of a fiasco and particularly for What, if I can borrow a phrase, I might call the conservative wing of the Conservative Party candidate in part due to the ridiculously restrictive rules that were set up. There were supposed to get the star candidates in the snow cones out and haven’t, succeeded on either front.

But I think it’s also a legacy of Stephen Harper and the failure to fruit an in advance, stronger candidates who could step up into this race is a real. I said before, really thin bench or of the fact that they died are not in this race. I don’t think it has anything to do with keeping her for not having a strong cabinet and everybody in the car in the 1400 dying cabinet minister is John Barrett and run Amber, certainly among them James Moore, not as interesting a contest, as we had hoped to Erin otoole is obviously going to tried to cast himself as that movement.

Conservative ways I can carry on the Stephen Harper tradition, whether he’s a or not we will see, but it seems like everybody has decided not to contest, is incredibly happy with their decision. . We have was in the CBC studio just earlier today and see if I’m happy, as I remember seeing him. So I also, I also wonder if there’s a calculation of risk, though and I’ll end on this with you Sean child, that let you know if it’s okay to take a job, if you know you’re going to win and then you’re going to be prime minister.

If the risk is too high to meet those bars, it’s not really as tantalizing is it. I think there is a is good to chance of becoming prime minister if you’re a strong candidate than this race was there ever was. The political cycle is much further in the case of Justin Trudeau. Then it was the last time that the conservatives picked up. There is no reason to believe that the next conservative leader would not have a strong shot at becoming prime minister in 24 months that you have to be able to come in as an outsider and win.

Basically, you have until February 27th to decide until April 17th to sell members doesn’t run know. I guess it ends next week, so we’ll see what the race really is next week. Thank you all before we go, if you sure to subscribe to a tissue, the podcast for extra contact this week, we’re going to talk a little bit about Canada’s pitch for a seat on the UN Security Council, podcast, app or website National. Now it’s back to Adrian and Andrew in Toronto, all right thanks, Rosie! Next on the national, Bombardier, the commercial Aviation gate, what it means for Quebec’s, big investment in a company hundreds of jobs.

Turkey was a menace or Ontario town until she stole their hearts. The story of band turken, Canada’s once-mighty Bombardier, has fallen on hard times. It has sold off its commercial jetliner division that billions of tax dollars help develop as Allison northcott tells us. 48 is now trying to dig its way out of debt. For months, Bombardier workers have faced uncertainty around the company’s future and their jobs bit of relief with storing dead end facing losses. This year, Bombardier sold-off, it’s part of the a220 passenger jet program to Airbus, because this is a place where we believe that there is a bigger potential.

In 2016, the previous government invested more than a billion dollars in the a220 program, formerly called The Sea series of the e220 did. The knowledge is nothing to lose. Nothing Amber is here. Minister, was optimistic. The Province will one day see a return on that investment and confident more than 3,000 jobs will be protected, but opposition parties are skeptical about job every time that don’t have the other financial problem. They came to the government, get back asking for more money and there was no guarantee of success about their thumb.

She has been an anchor of cutbacks, Aerospace industry and has benefited from millions of taxpayer dollars for the problem says it has no plans to give it anymore. It’S a sad thing. You know Frankie and Alice a bombardier took on too much at once. Training programs all-in-one go for such a small player without the Deep Pockets. Junel. Doubling an Airbus of this world have was a big big gamble. It’S real division to Alison northcott, CBC News Montreal safely in the evening. Instead of staying overnight, hospitals across the country of struggling with more patience than beds next to hospital is figuring out who’s better off being treated at I’m Jamie put someone tomorrow on cbc’s Daily News, podcast Front Burner as protests over the coastal gasoline pipeline continue.

We explain why there so much disagreement over who has authority over with so it in territory subscribe wherever you get your podcast hallway medicine is now a familiar Canadian story as emergency rooms, overflow with p, and doctors and nurses struggle to keep up with an aging population. At set the get worse, but Mike Crawley takes us inside one Ontario hospital that may actually be reversing the tide, its secret, a team that specializes in keeping patients at home. Nearly 200 patient passed through this emergency room at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital on a typical day staff noticed the problem, patients that come in level of care for any long period of time, particularly with frail elderly patient ER.

Doctors are sometimes reluctant to send them home their patients, who maybe we felt because of the risk of Falls. I need to stay in hospital Lucien, creating this team that looks beyond the hospital to ensure those ER patients can be safe at home. I from home care agencies all part of what Sunnybrook calls its ed1 Team. Every morning, they walk through their target group of emergency room patients with different syndromes. They come in with Falls. They come in with delirium, depression, seven-days-a-week setting up home care and other health support straight from the ER unable to get patients.

Mobilize connect them to Community Resources and make sure that they’re going home safely in the evening instead of overnight or being admitted to hospital, to reduce the demands on Sunnybrook struggling like many Ontario hospitals with more patience than bags Sunnybrook steam launched in October, is already shown Signs of success and nearly 5 % drop in admission among patients, age, 70 and older are able to reduce the number of patients who are in hallways in our emergency department, as well as the number of patients were stuck in the waiting room er a little less Busy makes patient happier not to spend the night in hospital Crowley CBC News Toronto Uber driver in the US charged with kidnapping.

After taking a couple on a harrowing ride. The couple says the Uber was rear-ended and it’s driver then chased the person who hit him. The passengers live-streamed everything on Facebook, Uber driver eventually stopped. He has now been arrested, is facing numerous charges, including abduction and reckless driving. The passengers suffered some minor injuries that were made so we’re now hearing from players on the Houston Astros for the first time since the team’s sign-stealing Scandal, rocked Major League Baseball report released last month found the team cheated during the 2017 season when they won World Series.

Astros owner Jim Crane fire, the team’s manager and general manager over the Scandal, but none of the players were punished for cheating and American astronaut, who spent almost a year in space, got the warmest welcome home. What is Christina cook reuniting with her dog LBD? That is short for little brown dog poop posted you on Twitter, saying not sure who was more excited glad she remembers me after a year was in the space for 328 days. That is the longest spaceflight ever for a woman. She was also part of the first all-female spacewalk tell turkey went from terrorizing in Ontario Town to basically becoming it’s unofficial mascot.

I think there might even be a turkey’s ready to move on this moment in the spotlight. Is Our Moment next? Well, they’re, not the prettiest of creatures and frankly, they can get kind of mean, but this wild turkey in particular, named then Perkins, has managed to win over an entire town in eastern Ontario is a bit of a prickly personality, a troublemaker in town, but instead of Making people angry the ornery aggressive personality has created a legion of fans in Kemptville, and that is Our Moment tonight.

I first saw her. I think it was October or November last year and my daughter happens to live Street. I would often have to stop my car because she decided to move to our main throwaway. Basically, she was a traffic Hazard who went where she wanted when she wanted and was not into making friends still, it seems people sort of fell in love. Lisa Brownrigg created a Facebook group, followed by more than two thousand people and there’s merchandise, coffee sleeves, but this love story might just be over.

Ventura was picked up by police, not to be a jailbird but to be released where she can allegedly wreak a little Havoc. But she’s not going to be forgotten it. It seems the good people of cancel plan on having like a venture control. , To raise money for a wildlife rehab, and they are not sure if they’re ever going to eat turkey again it’s too sensitive BattleBots.
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