Watch a Metal-Crushing Action Scene From ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ | Anatomy of a Scene

By | December 10, 2019

Watch a Metal-Crushing Action Scene From ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ | Anatomy of a Scene
Watch a Metal-Crushing Action Scene From ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ | Anatomy of a Scene
My name is Tim Miller and I’m the director of Terminator dark fate. This scene starts in Danny Ramos and Diego Ramos has workplace. They go to work. The factory where they’re, making cars and the Terminator is tracking are as well as Grace The Protector. So you know there are things that are Hallmarks of the Terminator movies and then there are things where we feel like. We could go freestyle and change things and bring something new. The fight has this Rhythm to it lot of moments in it, but I think my favorite moments are really the the grace ascendant moments where she has the sledgehammer and she’s just beating the crap out of the rev9, and and it’s really the first time you you See just how strong she is, we shot this into locations that is supposed to feel like one who shot the wider shots and some of the the chase parts of the scene at Mercedes Factory outside of Budapest in Hungary, but in the middle we go into the Assembly line area where we have the main area of the fight and when that happens, we’re transitioning onto a set that was built on stage at or go studios in Hungary. In the reason we did. That is because for stunts, you really want a controlled environment, because if people are going to get thrown on floors and in the walls and on to work benches and have engines fall on them, you really want all that stuff to be safe in a way that You can’t, if you’re going into somebody else’s house to do it.
A new Terminator, the Rev-9, joins the list of hard-to-destroy, relentless, merciless robots that have raised hell in this 35-year-old franchise. On his kill mission, he is thwarted by Grace (Mackenzie Davis), a mechanically augmented human whose powers are greater than expected.

In this scene, we see just how much strength she has. As the Rev-9 sets his sights on Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), Grace pulls out a few hard-hitting moves along with a sledgehammer to try to put a stop to the mission. Narrating the sequence, the director Tim Miller discusses how it brings a fresh action set piece to the franchise while also delivering more of what fans have come to expect.

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