Virginia Giuffre to speak out on allegations against Prince Andrew

By | December 10, 2019

Virginia Giuffre to speak out on allegations against Prince Andrew
Virginia Giuffre to speak out on allegations against Prince Andrew
Whataburger on ctv’s world commentator Richard berthelsen, who joins me from her downtown Toronto Studio Richard. How damaging are these latest statements from the princes accuser in our way, learning anything more from anything new, really from Virginia giuffre? Well, I think we’re about by my calculation about 2 hours away from that interview actually airing in full on the BBC this evening. So until we seen the whole scope of that it’s difficult to say. But you know, as expected and from teasers that the BBC addition in the last few days, of course, this young woman, is alleging that this all took place, that these events occurred. While she was with prince Andrew – and so we now have the case that we have him on the very same television program on camera, saying that’s absolutely categorically did not take place and her saying it did so. I don’t really find it there’s anything particularly newest 5 that we have her saying is no, it’s not clear to me whether her interview took place before after that, a prince Andrew, I think it may have taken place before so. Prince Andrew was obviously asked questions directly arising out of that and he categorically denied it. What I was just reading a prior to this, so it’s coming down to a he-said-she-said, obviously Richard, but the damage has been done. What more can Buckingham Palace do to mitigate the bad publicity, and what is it specifically that miss giuffre is looking for an apology, I’m not sure it’s just a he-said-she-said is not usually out and about either in London or in other places he has police that are With him, sometimes it’s foreign police, he sometimes have staff with him. There may be people that are have direct knowledge of these events. There may be people who, don’t I don’t know that so there it is a little bit more than that. There also is the figure of this Glenn Maxwell, who is reported to be the individual who fixed up these individuals to meet with Epstein and with others of his friends. So we haven’t heard from her that’s a possibility of a police Jessie exonerating the prince. There is going to be always the case that these allegations are going to be out there and, let’s remember that going on television does not necessarily mean you’ve taken a lie, detector test, or does it mean that you’ve been sworn in to testify? Tell the truth in that sense, so we don’t have that full information at this point in time. I think that there is Big questions around the Maxwell as Maxwell’s involvement all this and what she has to say will be pivotal in all this and razon records and those records of the Metro police will be at Central and, let’s remember, the Metropolitan Police in London Declined to investigate this matter further, so there’s that element as well play clear, because the key perpetrator in this is deceased, so they can’t lay charges against him now, as for Miss Maxwell and what she did in United States or what prince Andrew did while he was In the United States, that’s a different matter and he may be asked truth or he may be asked questions as a material witness, and he has indicated in his previous statement that he would be providing those statements if he was out. She has not spoken out or why she hasn’t been investigated, or maybe she has then we just haven’t learned. Yet we haven’t – and I think probably she is taking counsel from her lawyers in that regard and she’s dealing with situations in multiple countries. So it’s a very calm xmatter for her, so she probably feels that there’s no need for her to speak out because she’ll speak out in court if she’s coming to do so. Thank you.
Richard Berthelson discusses the interview with Virginia Giuffre set to air on the BBC and the implications for Prince Andrew.


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