Vietnam quarantines rural community of 10,000

By | February 14, 2020

Vietnam quarantines rural community of 10,000
Vietnam quarantines rural community of 10,000
Phone noise under lockdown by glass, decorative virus cases have been found in this Laurel. Vietnamese call me just a few dozen kilometres north of Vietnam capital, Hanoi, they’re full of math contagion. The country’s Health Ministry has he the entire district for 20 days Senior Management to prevent anyone sneaking out and potentially spreading the disease. Make people from the farming region have contracted covet 19, all of them linked to work, as returning from Wuhan defy the quarantine order.

Local residents are taking it in stride, all the people, including ourselves and confirmed cases of the deadly current virus around the country. Vietnam, is organized quarantine sites at military camp for its Nationals.
An entire Vietnamese commune of 10,000 people has been quarantined in a bid to halt to spread of Coronavirus. The rural community recently confimed its 6th case of Covid-19. It’s the first time these measures have been seen outside of China.

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