Victoria Falls, Australia bushfires, UK Weather Outlook – The Weather Studio 10/12/19

By | December 10, 2019

Victoria Falls, Australia bushfires, UK Weather Outlook – The Weather Studio 10/12/19
Victoria Falls, Australia bushfires, UK Weather Outlook – The Weather Studio 10/12/19
Hello that welcome to the weather Studio, it’s 1 p.m. it’s the 10th of December 14 days to Christmas Eve. Have you been a good boy, then I’m kind of hair you’ll come and see questions we’ve had a few already global weather to Southern parts of Africa. Where things are very tricky, and even if we have a Nick Stokes, I will be talking to him. Anymore else is coming up. weather across the UK. At the moment when the rain is already bought, some destruction to ponce’s any snow, the next 7 days musicals. Why do weather percentage that it’s infuriating, while I’m so sorry about that. silence, is sometimes we do talk. look at the pots the world they do send them the other side. So, for example, if you look at the Welsh weather, what do U say to do that? Yesterday, two images now where in the world is that? Well, that’s actually, Victoria fools typical conditions: recent days, images and Zimbabwe for southern parts of Africa, it’s a huge River 4,000 kilometers to the Indian Ocean – and this is known as the most powerful biggest waterfall in the world – are all multiples which are deeper at highest. One being Angel Falls in Venezuela, it’s just talk to it because of the immense volume of an ecosystem is in Balance, but sometimes which man served at the moment. Is there anything that happens? If it’s unusual with that? Why the patents we thought we’d bring in the next 6 siltstone tell us about listening before outside searching for the next 7 to 10 days, but couple things we do look even a little bit better than that. Looking at this Canarian, if you just watched the color change, 2015 2019 Barrett, previously a much greater Minnesota. Another few clouds which delusive bosses have to find a clear that if you look at their most recent, an arrangement Victoria Falls Zimbabwe to the South. I’M going to assume we are for a number of years now that particular let 2018 newest signals season and we can expect it’s. A rainfall is expected to be really deficit during the last wet season. Then you reach April fruits of pretty much now June to August Alsina doing December as well as he said, this is really important. Rainfall for this part of the world continuously drop for the dry season until it reaches again the staff, the next very wet, wet season. The last year 2018/2019, this wet season was really underwhelming. It was much less rainfall than normal, which meant that it was made of recharge the Rippers. The soils example says: we’ve come to the end of the lean or dry season, 2 of the whale. That’S why I know I was seeing the South light, looking Brown already and the levels of the rivers, my business, everything is so a seesaw type affects all. We call a dipole, which is almost where we have also Less in between wet-dry weather over. Of years across temperature contrast along the east African Coastline right. So if you can think of it in a simple sentence, almost like a alarms Seabreeze in the UK, almost and stares at the strongest Seabreeze in a stronger Easter florecitas here, have a strong contrast of the tropical and southwest Indian Ocean. Call the positive Indian Ocean dipole. This is almost like an answer like Stephanie, and you know she wants these differences in Sister sheet surface temperature. One of the strongest events ever by Sister temperature off Eastern Africa are basically as warm as much warmer than average. That contrast of this past the world. Have we can easily when’s in general and ask me another option in rainfall. Amounts does any taking a couple of days ago, but we can see the rains off slowly and hunting the jet all of the subtropical jet across the transit from Wesley belted winds across the southern hemisphere as well. At the moment, all over the last Patrol encourages from the storm activity daily across this region, and that’s in recent weeks is Ashley. The rainfall in half asesina only put a very small dance into the soil moisture deficit and in general, which is positive, Australia. Now, where I’m sure looks it is saying Linda smoker call Sydney, you can see the smoke billowing from the movie see that upper-level so hard, and then you can see some of it creeping by hitting a Sea Breeze develop. So, as the winds changed think I could do that for this x, couldn’t because I have been suffering from the country for quite some time now. Positive Indian Ocean dipole. Those two events both lie too much drier than average conditions across from Central and slipping away from extreme self again, but much cents, oven, Australia and those two things and it supposed to say this year, very dry season across central at 7, so much fuel and them 16 pairs of strong winds, which couldn’t can find the Flames names that are able to just grow with absolute abundance. Hazard like when you blow on it on a fire situation, really just fanned the flames and agrees to that strong winds. I need you for firestick hand. Spell atmosphere when winds the lightest, it’s less of a problem anyway, Queensland they really do need it Denise it’s to the south of Newcastle, it’s on the east side of New South Wales and not exactly what they do need to, so that the lines didn’t expect expect To see little all, but very little rainfall over the coming weeks about dssw, which happened earlier this year, which really just enhance the drive across Australia. What does it normally does around something to them by December? That’S usually a few weeks, some of them Beyond I’m actually at an average, which I think Mayweather paying the cast of Shake week or two ago, with science, instrumental. Just nice and back to the southern hemisphere. Recently, that has class that don’t be mostly weather, podcast reproduce Victoria Falls from someone here who sang how much rain, how much water flows across the Victoria Falls in every minute when it’s a business as usual situation, 5 million cubic meters to cubic meters of water flows Over Victoria Falls and when it’s the most prolific and that was from Jordan Smith, Northern England in pots weather across the UK. So the winds at the moment half an hour, so the squeeze in the winds that you can see quite nicely expected during the nothing’s going to bring for the line convection and that way the wind’s really explosively, Rising into the atmosphere play some Rita School. The conditions and you can see the line convection that she just on the raised all that you can see that CN intense heavy rains increasing moving to New England East Wales into the Southwest at 4 p.m. dustiness. So the weather winds, where the air is quite stable, are traveling along quite nicely where the strongest win the high in the sky. If we turn on the wind gusts, you can stay I’ll, probably guess with the the wind kind of financing Eastern England wild thing off for Western and Northern Ireland at later this afternoon, please, these colors basically shine wealthy, The Windsor strongest horrible Poplar Tent netsilik time when Those boys, Israeli e-zine NC state uses as well as he get those windways, but the swell will be significant. The school line, SPN I’ll cope on Tactical. They keep saying on Google News well in for some Arctic weather is history. Will the wind direction does change all the time if I could be the source of the returning to the UK? It’S coming from the floor. I’Ll take the loss from time to time, but I think maybe news headlines trying to refer to. Is it a cold, icy and snowy spell by the the Waters of the Atlantic know they are SB rain child moving in any turning to snow over The High Ground being for long time? But it’s always so brief, because then we got the ad coming in from the northwest the next few days, it’s just typical December weather for extreme, but it is going to be the showers in particular that coming in and about 200 of Central and Northern Scotland. The princess is first thing tomorrow, thinking too much for my longest power of rain, which I could turn to so even have a penalty, the coast of Scotland. But yes, I was essentially on Wednesday and Let Live what the max wins in that chat. The temperature contrast across North America send them our way for the time being, on Thursday Cecil through the day, with butts snakes like across the North Atlantic and heading towards Southern parts of the UK, but it just beeping these Lowe’s and it sends I try stops across The UK Come Thru in various bits and pieces to something to be raining all day. They’Ll be outbreaks of rain on and off in many places. England Suarez example squeeze powerful. Jet stream is still going to send 3 4 5 days. Then you feel different with different. We get from it. So how did these clothes go 10 and White Christmas if they say he thinks that’s one thing and White Christmas, interesting ideas heading into Christmas, but if you take individual computer model runs well small changes at the beginning, heat Celsius tomorrow, 5 degrees Celsius tomorrow into thighs Diet, so, yes, you will quite spiders when their lows come in at this at this level, kittens in a few computer models that suggested it would deepen to bring a sway. The strong winds in Southern UK recent computer motor runs in the drawer of the idea. However, cold and when that happens is always the potential for some of the white stuff in it and into Sunday about the higher ground of say, Central pops. I need something to keep an eye on because you know when we talked about 5 days time and often with forecasting snow slim margins. So because there is the potential sing snowgoons the weekend tomorrow. You’Re only thing the podcast will be out on Thursday and the new Mercy weather will be out next week as well. I will be Christmas. Special updates on the search media channels, of course, subscribe on YouTube.
Following news that Victoria Falls been affected by drought, Clare and Aidan chat to Deputy Chief Meteorologist Nick Silkstone about what’s happened. Plus: Australia bushfires and the UK weather outlook.
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