‘Urgent repairs’ needed at deteriorating 24 Sussex

By | December 10, 2019

‘Urgent repairs’ needed at deteriorating 24 Sussex
‘Urgent repairs’ needed at deteriorating 24 Sussex
We’Ve also been watching progress at a very different address, one of the most famous in Canada, 24 Sussex, it’s supposed to be where the Prime Minister lives, but as long as Justin Trudeau has held government, the historic home has set empty waiting for much-needed Renovations tonight. Ctv News has learned the real cost of maintaining the house, even when no one calls it home City be Danny. Bergeron. Oliver has the exclusive details. When prime minister Justin Trudeau decided not to live in 24 Sussex most expected, it was, but there are no concrete plans and no new contract tube for work on the Heritage home. It is the home of the most significant person of our executive, but unfortunately, what it represents now is demolition by neglect, no problems to electrical and plumbing systems beyond their life cycle and a pool building, that’s not usable. I needs to be rebuilt while the government ways it’s options. The cost to maintain the crocking asbestos build building are rising since 2015. The government has spent more than 2.3 million dollars in upkeep that include $ 370,000 on utilities, more than 1.3 million on extra security and more than $ 580,000 on oh and Ice removal and regular maintenance, including thousands on weekly pool maintenance. A child Catherine Clark also called at home when her father Joe Clark, was prime minister mint to be made at this point for tearing it down and rebuilding from scratch with all Canadian materials. Canadian designers and Architects make it environmentally sustainable and that doesn’t include the necessary security upgrade one pretty Council memo Warren. There is likely to be strong interest from stakeholders and potential negative reaction to cost implication like Prime Ministers before him. Trudeau does not appear to be in a rush to renovate. No prime minister wants to be seen spending money on themselves, but the reality is not going to fix itself will have a say in what happens to 24 Suffolk and source, is least to say it’s hard to get things done when nobody is a priority. Interesting Christmas. Wreaths out there, though,
Documents obtained by CTV News detail ‘urgent repairs’ needed at 24 Sussex.

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