Under-30s Question Time: The Highlights – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

Under-30s Question Time: The Highlights – BBC News
Under-30s Question Time: The Highlights – BBC News
Crestview membership. How old are you, when you first purchase of property, 400000 Council home making sure that the contracts for Tennessee’s a minimum of three years and rent controls in line with inflation? You standing in front of that Breaking Point poster with the lowest point in my life manifest Awakening nine billion pounds to help more Energy Efficiency, starting with schools and hospitals. Can you stop the green event in succeeding in the private sector? If you don’t think, there’s a role for the private sector, offensive language, arts, West Point of View that says be independent and recognize that they would be a big hit to the economy and it movie.. What you’re trying to say is that you would do something different milk you’re in a better place. I think you should vote set offer is going to Philly for brexit
Politicians from seven political parties faced questions from young people on housing, climate change, Scottish independence and of course Brexit from an audience of young people in a Question Time election special.

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