UN lists more than 100 firms linked to Israeli settlements in West Bank

By | February 16, 2020

UN lists more than 100 firms linked to Israeli settlements in West Bank
UN lists more than 100 firms linked to Israeli settlements in West Bank
The list has been repeatedly delayed since its scheduled release 3 years ago, but the UN Human Rights Council has not named and shamed 112 companies that do business with Israeli settlements, including big names like a B & B on Motorola Israeli Prime Minister. Benjamin Netanyahu has blasted the UN Council as biased and an influential saying that, instead of dealing with human rights, it was trying to block in Israel’s name. Is Route routinely, accuses the UN and especially the Human Rights Council, of bias against it.

But nobody has defended the list, given what it called the well-established illegal nature of assessments are about. 600,000 Israelis have made that homes are fully aware of the sensitivity of this report for people on all sides of the debate and four ghosts: the companies themselves, and, for this reason we taking particular care not to go beyond the remix set timer rust by the Human Rights Council: it’s important to note that it is not as some claim a blacklist.

No does it qualify. Any company’s activities is illegal Nolo. I, Minister Mohamed, should I eat the morning of the funds immediately and their activities inside the settlements, warning that they’ll pursue companies listed in court for taking part in human rights violations. Meanwhile has hinted retaliation if list is used to justify a large-scale boycott of the country’s private sector.
The U.N. human rights office on Wednesday released a list of more than 100 companies it said are complicit in violating Palestinian human rights by operating in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank – a first-ever international attempt to name and shame businesses that has drawn fierce Israeli condemnation. 

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