Ukraine summit: ‘Several sticking points still remain’

By | December 10, 2019

Ukraine summit: ‘Several sticking points still remain’
Ukraine summit: ‘Several sticking points still remain’
The discussions went far longer than planned 9 hours in all and at the final press conference with the four leaders at all said how they believe that these conversations were constructive, that they were done in good. Indeed, the atmosphere was extremely positive in the World Series Uncle. Vladimir zelenskiy, now there were some important points. Super discussed and problems are solved, for example, of a comprehensive ceasefire to be implemented by all parties before the end of the year. A and exchanged movie identify the prisoners both on the Russian and Ukrainian side is to take place. There are also the better monitoring it by the osce in the region and also a multiplication of the passage points for the people. In order for the very long choose between the province is held by the approach Russian Rebels and the main independent Ukraine. But there are still many problems that need to be addressed: both gladimir Putin and Mr zielinski, the president of Ukraine, and said that they had not managed to Advanced when it comes to the implementation of the core of Azia medical records. And that is the organization of an election of local election inside these provinces and the effect that Ukraine is to retake control of the whole. It’S 33 to the bull that both mr. Putin, amethyst and ensky stress that these were very difficult matters that needed to be addressed further down. The line for the four leaders have decided to meet again with informants
The leaders of Russia and Ukraine agreed on Tuesday to exchange all remaining prisoners from the conflict in east Ukraine by the end of the year, but left thorny questions about the region’s status for future talks. FRANCE 24’s James André brings us the latest from the Elysée Palace.

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