UK election: Donald Trump, Brexit and toxic politics

By | December 10, 2019

UK election: Donald Trump, Brexit and toxic politics
UK election: Donald Trump, Brexit and toxic politics
I’D like to stop by talking about your enthusiasm going into this election, a lot of people have said that the mood from the electorate is one of disillusionment. What you can literally reveal party – or you doing this somewhat reluctantly – Spectrum left right for infraction many. Many people know this is a very high station election statistics on Spotify the politician that they disagree with the least yeah. I do feel like they’re, quite there’s, quite a lot of thought, actually going into choosing who they’re voting for simply because it’s kind of weighing their option. What’S the best, essentially values who can they live with in the sense of devices that they’re making a lot of people who are actually putting a lot more thought than more thought than they necessarily were intending to, or had previously sort of thought that I’ve always voted? This way – and I will continue to – but this way I think, there’s some time now, where they’re sort of thinking well, I normally vote this way, but do I actually agree with everything that they’re saying now and potentially looking at other options? Do you think? That’S that’s? Being tainted someone people don’t feel that enthusiasm for me anymore and politics at the moment comes out in the fact that you know three years ago, and it still hasn’t been impacted. I mean what the results of the implemented and that’s a very worrying situation to be in between Marxist style, Candida Stephanie, something we need more young people than ever before. Can you smoke pot scrubbing baby, see who I don’t need to go into the the panoply of things here it’s in the past, and then it writes various minorities. Let’S just look at his record is a full of fish. He’S talked about moving in a chest with greater profit provision squares empty. Since then he’s been a fan of austerity during his tenure as mayor of London, I would have to disagree with that conclusion. One of the big issues: it’s too much for this election, the Manifest the people think that he lies. Oh he’s been accused of lying to Jeremy cool when it’s the fact that he hasn’t tackled 97 7 system in a way that people feel has being efficient and timely and ungenuine in some respects, and that he could have done a lot more and whether or not People can trust when he really believes on that issue and then left so that about you telling his body not delivering on some of that promises that Coalition years, which of the pain she think, has the biggest issue with any of you. I I would say that labor does I mean that help pain has been surrounded by this idea that the competitors are going to self in it and a chest basically improve and even by Trump himself, to be a fun trip? It just shows that there is a lot of business yesterday. Yes, American pharmacies: do you want the NHS to pay more for drugs exports at the Brixton who said in the eyes the United States free trade, any possible return, Abba costumes arrangement with the rest of European Union in the incidence of No Deal it puts. Everything quote everything on the table: what is person have to offer the us we export wild cost financially. Vine is Healthcare back now to the issue which triggered this election first-place brexit. She agree with the agree with the 2016 should be respected, but tragic December or January. What it means is for 10 years, and the public doesn’t think that the public suffix with the choice of remaining or a second referendum, would have a viable option. Or this, where the nhs’s genuinely on the table play a cute one. That doesn’t seem to be the way it’s being received by the public. Some quality have argued that it isn’t in fact clear and those who might argue that it is clear. Can you really take such a neutral position on latest issue of the days. brexit position? I’Ve always been very poor remain and, as the sort of headline policy is, is that if we wanted majority, we would revoke article 50. Seeing that we need a majority would be seen as Democratic candidate. I think that winning a majority of democratic mandate for brexit, however, realizing that we might not win a majority, we’re campaigning for remain in a people’s vote, change a lot of informations come out. A lot of people are realizing what the reality of brexit will mean for them and for the people that they care about, and I think they might have changed their opinions. We’Ve seen a lot of people come to the live dens. Who said you know, I voted. Leave and I’m seeing what’s happening and I’ve actually changed my mind, and I think because of that I think it’s fair to allow people another say or another pathway. Would you ever be willing to accept remaining or leaving? I don’t think I would actually been how to get twins on the basis of democracy. I think if it came down to another people’s vote and it was overwhelmingly to leave – I wouldn’t be happy personally cuz. I said I believe that we should be remaining in the EU. I think economic and social send, but if it comes down to a second referendum – and that is the overwhelming Choice, then I mean there’s that’s the way it is. However, I would believe – and I think that if we do leave that we should be looking to at some point in the future be joining the EU as it seems to be both a symptom and a cool. Is that this increased polarization in politics and Everybody’s Talkin about it feel like it’s reaching a fever pitch and people are locomotive I did. I think the country is divided when you have such a question with us. Two choices is going to divide. The country is the best way to get over. This division would be to get brexit done. I’Ll move on to the bigger issues – and I think that’s what people are about things like climate change, the NHS please it’s so freaking, just to spite the result, I move all nice. The way to heal divisions in our community. Picking up an iron said that you think, will it be that simple to be very long drawn-out process election? We will be by January call Blake ttip between the u.s. and South Korea. Us took six years complete, select, let’s be generous inside the average person Johnny Ray. Doesn’T think it’s going to take five to six years on the big problems the conservatives is the EU want one thing: the u.s. want swing very, very different device. Legal Britain things right dragon, two completely different directions at these negotiations are ongoing. The really setting themselves up for significant problems, if I got majority nalus political credibility very quickly after January, find to associate Boris Johnson with Donald Trump calling referring to his brakes. If some the reasons you outline that as a trump brexit basic human UK would be something of a lot., how important is that to you? How close the future leader this country would feel comfortable being too Donald Trump fundamental questions, average breast and how it was sold was taking back control, insolvency and the reality of the great Powers determine the rules of the game with the EU. Israel’S relationship with the EU and with the us – and it doesn’t like those rules, but the idea that we can meet us independent trading nation in amount of that condo seems equivalent to me almost like the 19th century is for the bus, I’m so excited average person. Whether or not they voted remind Olivas interests in terms of food in the rules of the game for my closer to Europe than the US encounter The Squeeze In the polls again, they were doing fatty. Well, you know around the 15-16 17 % Martha some points in the campaign. Why do you think in the next couple of weeks, but they’ve struggled? You are a lot of other better if that’s been going around about brexit and I think that’s furtive it’s a lot of the media and that’s everything has kind of showing that the only two choices on accident in the selection are labor in the conserva. That’S been shown time and time again through debates where they’ve only had Boris, Johnson and Jeremy corbyn, where they’ve had interviews where it’s mainly been talkin about Boris, Johnson and Jeremy, corbyn, Artisan government or political situation. We have a multi-party system and I think that is so valuable for democracy and I think the thing is is in the UK. I think it says we’re quite well and I think historically, Britain hasn’t been just a two-party system. I mean the liberal party now the live Dems when they find, with the it’s sort of its they’ve, been mean like major. I think the thing is is I think, this rhetoric, where it’s either labor or the Tories. I think that really really hurts democracy in this country, because there are more choices. There are other political parties that you can align yourself with and that do stand for the things that leave and you don’t have to you – don’t have to sort of push values and morals of yours to decide to try and fit into these. Two boxes are other choices, and I think I think that representation of this as a two-party system has actually really hurt us and a lot of the other parties, as well as one of the challenges that the nipple Democrats face when it comes to people voting. Tactically, because they are one of the major parties, is it some voters who would like to vote live done, but I’m very worried about either getting Jeremy corbyn number 10 or Boris Johnson into number 10 will not worried about that might be wasted. What would you say today? I would say that you should vote with your heart at the end of the day. I think the fact that it’s being as it said, vote to vote for the live down this because of these tight marginals is unfortunately, due to a broken electoral system. At TPC doesn’t work, it’s not representative. We need to change the voting system and, at the end of the day, I think it’s you should vote with your heart and hopefully that means you’ll be voting with them, because that’s where your morals and values are but it’s until we have a better voting system. It’S unfortunately, we are going to run into that problem, that a lot of the smaller parties were as well toxicity in politics having speaking to Lord of NPCs over the last few months and years, and I’m sure you will have to, and it does seem that the Amount of abuse they received threats on social media or just being heckled in the street did any of you experienced any type of abuse. Because if you open it’s about your in play School connections, you think it’s okay or justifies making pasta attack, because these people habitable the genuinely dangerous stuff which MPS activists people have been subject to criminal stuff. Like that dress like intimidation, I think that’s a big distinction. Smite them sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. welcome. I think it’s really key people in politics and the policies Robin individuals, but at the same time, if you don’t isolate individual, sometimes and you don’t have accountability, they’re all people who are responsible for choices which have been mad, labor Tori, lift up labor title to say The Tony Blair was your demonstrable act against the public interest in doing so, listen, listen to each other and re-engage with various different points of view. What do you think it is about Society in Britain leading people to have to resort to that type of name-calling or even more threatening and violent Behavior? Probably a lot of it is it’s frustration and frustration, and not knowing how else to express it. It seems like nothing’s changing and the waited for to make yourself heard. She sometimes be that extra bit and sometimes Crossing that line gets you that attention. Unfortunately, it’s it’s the same sort of thing that you see when you get into arguments with your personal friends, not to think sometimes you say things you shouldn’t have and I think I’m outside of frustration and I think that’s the thing I think we’re seeing the public Being really really frustrated – and I think unfortunately, that’s also showing really dark side of the public as well, because I think it is name-calling, I think, there’s a lot of hatred. That’S come out recently and I think there’s it’s not just people putting silly names, because somebody said something silly. Its people saying offencive things that are wrong, and that should not be sad and I think that side of society is is being exposed, and I think it does stem from that frustration question to all of you. Do you think that you’ll respective parties have made tactical error say what all day I don’t think so I think I think we need to be reminded. That far is a very liberal candidate. I mean favorite gay rights at the house maintains consistent on his position. He wants to get brexit done waiting for consistency and which is something that often gets lost three kind of that rounds of social media. What about the the editing all of the video Kiss drama? The shadow brexit secretary already happened in that interview. How big of a problem was that how big of a problem is it fake Channel 4 News, st. barths Johnson that people of color, I think it’s very important – to maintain social media, for example, with the fat check UK country, and I think that’s the real issue Have I think, that’s really what people care about going forward, as you think that Joe Swensons made any mistakes, perhaps leading to strongly with her personality and powers of Lido, taking it to extreme position on brexit? I’M not really to be honest, because I think we all Remains What, if you’re not campaigning in a general election to win. Why are you competing next, prime minister? I’M here to win. I think that’s that just makes sense in terms of her leading as a leader. I think she should be an excellent leader and I think she’s done a really excellent job of showing her leadership skills, showing her grace, showing her ability to be upfront and honest about past mistakes and future plans. There’S nothing hiding topping to use on the BBC and some media scrutiny, but Jeremy corbyn’s also had some quite bad interviews in this campaign by General consensus. Do you think that he will cause you’ve made mistakes and how they’ve approached this Nicholas, Arkansas, propiedades, driving, Colton and all social media ride height sit there wasn’t a single 2 minute clip I’ve seen tonight, Frances for my TV doing the rounds 5 Porsche 2019 European Wax In everything around European union membership second referendum, the reality is, I probably should have made that decision 3 or 4 months earlier. If they had, I think, might be at least looking a hung Parliament, another I’m Jeremy corbyn will stay and attractions limited to me that well I’m a politician. They don’t need to know my life story that he don’t tell that story. Somebody else is what happened. He has an interesting history depends play spice, do you have, but there are clearly some really personal history is going to help him when it comes to scrutiny on issues of security, in particular, usual foreign policy, police versus political data. Disagree that question – and you need to be absolutely honest about that and I think that’s been that congruence between sang. I made these choices, but you be the judge of that when you ghost about a post are gnats out with you the day off the general election. I, like a lot of Coalition worst case scenario, realistic Jersey, 50 transition words for messy. They do need to significant majority, but realistically that would be you know. That would be guessing that 1st John sunada think we’d be wise guy on the five years from the general election. I think you become Ave lived with just another prime minister. However, things with my worst case scenario, it would be to have either a Labour or Tory majority. I think I think both parties need to be a held accountable by the other party. Isn’T the only way to do that would be with a hung? Parliament United, spend simple kind of policy. I manifested that would mean joining up with the SMP a second Independence referendum on scotus on Scotland, which could main the breakup of the Union, which would be very, very sad overview, combining you political convictions and ideas. Thanks
Labour party activist Aaron Bastani, Conservative Party activist Emily Hewertson and Young Liberals UK policy officer Tara Copeland join The Brief’s Bianca Nobilo for a discussion about the issues in the 2019 British elections.

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