Uganda: acid attack survivors seek justice | AFP

By | February 17, 2020

Uganda: acid attack survivors seek justice | AFP
Uganda: acid attack survivors seek justice | AFP
12 years ago was a victim of an acid attack, someone he wants considered a friend turned on him out of it even over a decade later memories of the attacker still Vivid, but he knew that this is acid, because I have ever heard about people being poured On acid, my name. Painting Miss Minneapolis MN survivors of this corset form of attack, a lack of self-esteem, complete loss of other people with help from his family. Swallowing a lot of surgery eventually moved to a new place and opened an electronic shop. The NGO and acid violence – Uganda recorded 42 new attacks in 2018, the youngest victim was just 10 month old gutter.

Hardline cases includes two sisters, Age, 3 and 5, but the country’s official police records show only 4 cases. That’S here, most attacks did not get reported or frozen or because signs are to focus on near survival and Recovery, puppetry test build out and also probably need that sentence to be theory has been proven. This person must die from Quizlet according to uk-based and Joe actionaid. Women are more often the target of acid attacks, and then it is sort the disk has to do with the importance attributed in society to women’s physical appearance, controlling their bodies by a colic in a fit of jealousy over her successful business BAU for now runs a Small shop at a bar to make ends meet sleeping in the tiny space behind the shop agree.

Legislation needs to be changed now. These attacks are categorized under the control of assault. You found guilty. Some of the perpetrators walk out of the prison before the victim.
According to the NGO ‘End Acid Violence’, 42 acid attacks took place in Uganda in 2018. But the country’s police have only 4 such cases on record for the same year, indicating that the majority of these incidents go unrecorded.

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