Uber’s safety record is sounding alarms — again

By | December 10, 2019

Uber’s safety record is sounding alarms — again
Uber’s safety record is sounding alarms — again
Report from Uber is casting new light on ride sharing and just how safe passengers are inhaling company says there were more than 3,000 reports of sexual assault connected with trips in the United States last year. Is that a roughly 1.3 billion rides according to their own numbers? Uber says there were also 58 traffic deaths and nine murders in 2018, no CBC News reached out to Uber asking about number three, a spokesperson for the company said they have no specific time frame for releasing a Canadian Safety report, and so with that, let’s bring in This week’s text – and he is editor-in-chief of etiquette – and that is radiantec and Innovation. News website and Sadia as offer is co-founder of tech. Recent Canada, Innovation advocacy group – and she is also an author and founder of techgirlz Canada, a hub for Canadian women in science, technology engineering and math. Okay, thank you both for being here today appreciate it pretty big topics to cover, but we’re going to first start with that Uber safety report that came out, so why don’t we start with you, then Douglas and terms of the report that came out this week? What really struck you? I would say that the reports are important in terms of governance and keeping track of his large-scale tech companies. I think the thing is starting to Moses. I would spend everyday in 20 trying trying to get those numbers down to zero. The scale of it is it’s not shocking, just can’t be missed, you can’t help it focus on the numbers. Think about the fact that this report has been released now, and you know we’re seeing. I don’t know if either of you are ride, sharing app users, but certainly I’ve used different ride-sharing apps and I get new pop ups. That say: oh we’re, updating our safety. You know what sort of rules that are in place, at cetera. So is it interesting that they releasing these numbers and taking all of these steps? Now it’s not like it’s a new app drivers and passengers included have been trying to raise concerns an alarm around the the frequency of these things happening and their overall stance has been all these isolated incidents, or it’s like a case of you know One Bad Apple. Now we see these numbers after so many years ago. You know these things being public and I don’t think that I am prepared to give them a cookie for just transparency, because I don’t see enough of it. Ability and transparency alone will not change. Anyting. You admitting to something that you have been ignoring this fight, a lot of public outcry. It does not deserve a medal, so I’d like to know what they are going to do and what are their protocols right now and how are they preparing their Workforce fish? There are notoriously treating poorly to handle these things. Certainly, a number like more than 3,000 is far too many anyways, but is it something that public pressure forced them to do and our people just more feel more safe when it comes to Technologies I’ll become so accustomed to that of London over concerns with a t That was a top priority for bruising co-star when he came in about 2 years ago, so that happened related to this transfer to report dropping and showing these numbers has been really on. Passenger safety, I think, is a bit of a disconnect between the messaging and activities, and this is this is a first step, but it’s literally the first step towards action, and this is the 2017-2018 numbers – will not impact this year and they would have to start. You know within the next few weeks you have an impact on the numbers for 20/20, so we need to see leadership from Uber and we haven’t seen it in 2 years and Beyond picking up use of uber. I kind of look at the tech industry as a lot of it now is having this Reckoning, with the service follow-up questions being asked that weren’t being used public. Do you think that this is going to raise a lot more assertive protocols to be in place? Not just for Uber but for a large range. A wide range of act like this at didn’t necessarily do criminal background checks on people who arguing day today with their users or privacy, concerns that sort of thing that, from the very very beginning, Wendy’s at started and a lot of Technology platforms. I cannot imagine if the people who were building this included women included actual workers and if they were asked, what do you think could go wrong and what can we mitigate against that? We would not have built better things. So I am, I think, I’m more. I I want the bar to be higher in terms of what we did. So that’s the first thing and then yes, there is a bit of a reckoning, but it’s been a long time coming, as you said, and there is a lot of public pressure for them to do this, which you know we need to go back to the motivation Of why they’re doing is how much of this is PR? How much of this is true commitment to make changes? So if there are new safety protocols, there should be Clarity by what those Protocols are and what are they doing to get this number to Sarah, like that, sets
Uber revealed that more than 3,000 sexual assaults were reported during U.S. rides in 2018.

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