Uber releases report revealing 6,000 sexual assaults during rides

By | December 10, 2019

Uber releases report revealing 6,000 sexual assaults during rides
Uber releases report revealing 6,000 sexual assaults during rides
Uber has just released some numbers and Dad jaw-dropping Dad in fact safety report the company revealing itself publicly. For the first time, the number of sexual assaults reported during its rise in the United States and John is here with those details good morning John good morning, Heather these are sobering numbers, but we have to keep in mind. These are numbers from the company itself company badly in need of some good PR. As a result, they are putting out these numbers in the spirit of transparency and let’s look at what some of those numbers are a big one over the two years of the study. Almost 6,000 6,000 instances of sexual assault between 2017 and 2018.. This is from a total of 2.3 billion rides. They also go through and point out, for example, that there were 20000 murders in the United States every year. Trying to do is to contextualized those numbers, but this is a situation where there have been obviously complaints and there have been concerns for a long time around this company. They point out, for example, one of the figures that uses 2 compared to the New York Transit System. In there you know. There were 1,000 complaints on the New York transit system according to police. What they don’t say, though, is the total number of rides, and there were many more rides on the US transit system. Then there were on you’re. So take that, as you will another thing to do in terms of these numbers, that they put up that 6000, they break it down and terms of various types of sexual assault, something it might not be appreciated by those who would argue. Quite simply, the assault is assault of any kind of, especially anything sexual. The reaction has been quick to come-in. Let’S look at some of that. Coming in from this is a lawyer who actually is acting on behalf of not only Uber, passengers who have complained, but also lift, is what were the numbers for Lyft do this year. One of the problems of both these companies is it they have hidden and tried to conceal the number of sexual assaults that occur in their vehicles again, this exercise and them trying not to conceal it any longer. At least they say this we’d love to see organizations in every industry, including educational institutions, make a similar effort to track and analyze the sexual misconduct with in their communities. Heather Dennis this is a company that has had a series of controversies and obviously they continue to come forward and come up, and presumably this disclosure, the company, is part of that process. There have been dozens of resignations and a disciplines of companies for again behavior and failure to report complaints of sexual assault. Should I add, the company says that their drivers are occasionally targets of this and they say they need to feel speak out on their behalf. But it is overwhelmingly women who are targeted in the situations, sometimes by other passengers in the cab, but also, of course, Heather. Thank you very much.
Uber released a safety report on 2.3 billion rides taken in 2017 and 2018 revealing, among other details, that it received 5,981 reports of sexual assault, including 464 reports of rape.

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