U.S. Citizens Document What It’s Like to Live in Wuhan During the Coronavirus Lockdown | TIME

By | February 14, 2020

U.S. Citizens Document What It’s Like to Live in Wuhan During the Coronavirus Lockdown | TIME
U.S. Citizens Document What It’s Like to Live in Wuhan During the Coronavirus Lockdown | TIME
Everybody Johnson Space here, along with several other of the American expats here, have been asked to help. Show you guys what it’s like for a typical American expat here in China during the Coronavirus I’ll break so right now, I’m going out. I have to pick up some groceries after to make sure to pick up some extra mass and some other stuff is just see, I’m already wearing a mask in Semi-Pro n95 masks here with the little respirator are usually the best Thang said. This area is normally very bustling, full of people right now.

It’S super Barron. The only place is open right now or small supermarkets like back there and shops for basic pharmaceutical supplies. Isaac see there’s nobody here. Everything is locked down ever since the actual lockdown things have been getting old. Reddit were supermarkets are running a food they’re starting to turn away people, even if they have a minor fever. So that way they can pick up groceries on every shop that is in a drugstore or a grocery store is completely shut down. Nobody can drive on roads without taking a fine.

Unless you have specific government permission, is the CEO of 11 million people are in New York City? Normally, it is very very around here and everything you always see at least 20-30 people in my neighborhood walking around, but the sea 2000 thousands of cars on the street at any one time. Right now, however, we have very few shop, and I live with my wife, and my newborn son colum is Lily, will be a month old in a few days when you hung consulate put out this update, saying we’re going to evacuate some private citizens and the Wuhan Consulate could go for free with their families, but they were making Americans pay $ 1,000 per seat.

So that would be me my wife and my kids to be $ 3,000 and my kids just born now and I haven’t been able to get into the Shanghai Embassy. I’M declares birth and get him and get his passport. His American passport and stuff and wife doesn’t have her paperwork yet, even though we’ve been trying for a while, but due to her being pregnant, she can’t get her paperwork. They would turn everybody away if they don’t have like proper passport to self. If they only have a picture of their passport. There was a girl who got turned away because you only had a copy for passport going to go grab some weed just across the street.

The reason I didn’t evacuate was because her money, we didn’t, have her physical passport. I had forgotten it at her father’s house in Changsha. I never would have imagined myself in the situation, so I don’t even really, I can’t even contemplate what exactly could happen like I’m. Assuming that you’ll get the passport to me someway somehow and then I’ll just go through the process at the airport again and this time we’ll finally get on the plane. I went today to get my medicine and had to go to a bigger Pharmacy. There’S locks on the door, but the lady is here and what happens and now I know we don’t have anymore, so the mask situation is definitely an issue but they’re selling them for higher and higher prices.

So I got gloves or masks here kind of respirator masks that currently and wearing, but they will work for a right now, communicating with people, especially like your heart, in our shop right here for a medical supplies, as you don’t know, if they’re infected – and so it’s Kind of a problem, but I’m worried that I might eventually go out virus knowing it and then come home spray to my wife and kids and then me recovering and Ling recovering, but the baby, not recovering. That’S my biggest worry right now. Now her goal did the old hands wash to wash the glasses throw away.

This mask get a new one, so I bought those ones. If you cure shortness of breath, carbon dioxide, we have always had the intention of Living in America. I’Ve been in American zoos. In my entire life, I’ve served with the Minnesota Army National Guard for five years. I’Ve done plenty of stuff for my country, and I love my country, and my wife loves my country too. We just want to go get out of a stressful situation, that’s causing problems. We don’t want our son contract this disease and potentially die, and we just want a little bit of support from the government.

Two U.S citizens and Wuhan residents both U.S. citizens, document a day in the life in the city where the pneumonia-like virus “novel coronavirus,” originated.
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U.S. Citizens Document What It’s Like to Live in Wuhan During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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