Tuesday evening forecast 11/02/2020

By | February 14, 2020

Tuesday evening forecast 11/02/2020
Tuesday evening forecast 11/02/2020
I welcome to the latest full cast from the Mets office. Saint. Denis is expected to bring further disruption this weekend from wind and rain, but of more immediate concern. This evening, snowfall especially for parts of Southern Scotland, it’s been snowing for much of the day across the northern half of the country Maney, but not exclusively, and it’s over The High Ground of Southern Scotland, where we’re likely to see the biggest impact through the evening. In particular, essential impacted by blizzards and by heavy folding snow for 10, centimeters or so above 450m, with some snow coming down so low, continue through the evening across Scotland spots in Northern Ireland.

On for the snowfall expected of the higher ground, in particular of northern England, to snow between Central Southern pot, sipping, then making that way into the southeast and East Anglia: kids battles. That means it’s going to be another cold night with temperatures in some shelters spots. Getting down below freezing but somehow the winds, keeping things stood up relatively well. Go across Northern parts of Britain in particular and again further accumulating snow, especially for Weston parts of Scotland through the morning, but sale continues.

The afternoon snowfall be confined High ground, with rain, hail, lower levels in the shower, as well quite numerous Circle, Southern areas before they took more persistent wet as they slow Moves In for Thursday. You can see that coming up, Scotland stop soft bits of the cold on Thursday before that system arrives, and you could see the showers tending to whoop assistant Ring full through Wednesday evening, wet eventually across England and Wales. Increase windy, Gale’s developing around the coasts of South and West Britton.

Rating for pushes into the cold after the know. What we can expect snow full generally about 200 metres Ben olding, then something’s going on and it remains cold north of the center – about, for example, temperatures dropping into the minus double digits in some shelters, bolts, the dry and clear at in the north of Scotland. Through the day wish, I was Verde life, especially in the southwest, where we can expect he’ll and Thunder, and the winds staying physically strong through the day with again Gail’s run, expose Coast degrees.

What’S called the further north. We do have some sunshine, but no one’s going to end eventually and the best advice.
11 February – National weather forecast presented by Aidan Mcgivern

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