Trump v Trump on the NHS – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

Trump v Trump on the NHS – BBC News
Trump v Trump on the NHS – BBC News
National Health Service number table is on the table. Absolutely I don’t even know where that rumor started. We have absolutely nothing to do with it and we wouldn’t want to. If you handed it to us, are the silver platter. We want nothing to do with it. Make everything with the trade deal is on the table when you, when you’re dealing in trade everything’s on the table so NHS or anything else or a lot a lot more than that, but everything will be on the table. Absolutely
Speaking in London at the 70th anniversary of Nato, Donald Trump said that the UK’s National Health Service, the NHS, is not on the trade talk table.

But during a news conference with Theresa May in June, he said something very different.

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