Trump reacts to Attorney General Barr’s criticism of tweets about DOJ | ABC News

By | February 16, 2020

Trump reacts to Attorney General Barr’s criticism of tweets about DOJ | ABC News
Trump reacts to Attorney General Barr’s criticism of tweets about DOJ | ABC News
Turning out of politics and you questions about the independence of the justice department after sources tell ABC News. The attorney general has opened a review of the handling of the Michael Flynn case. When who has you may remember, it briefly served as President Trump’s National Security advisor up in the Mueller probe ABC care Phillips is in West Palm Beach, where the president is spending the weekend care good morning to you good morning. Dan. Will the theme here since Trump’s acquittal is clearly loyalty? The president is definitely saying and making it clear that loyalty is everything.

Otherwise, you may pay the consequences. However, there is one friend that we know the president isn’t going to throw under the bus, and that name is Twitter. After a stunning show of dissent from the president’s inner Circle this week, I think it’s time to stop the Department of Justice Criminal Case this morning. Attorney General, William Barr, again making a controversial move. The justice department has hired an outside prosecute 2 conductor review Into the case of former National Security advisor Michael Flynn. The move comes as the former Lieutenant General who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI filed a motion.

Last month, to dismiss the case citing the government bad-faith vindictiveness and breach of the plea agreement. All of this happening as Federal prosecutors close at two-year investigation, where it decline to charge former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, accused of allegedly lying to investigators about a leak to the media, button of being part of a quote illegal and treasonous plot. Yesterday, McCabe firing back at the justice department. It is an absolute disgrace, attorneys for two years before they finally drew the obvious conclusion.

All of this days after the president’s reaction to an ABC exclusive interview with the attorney general Barr blasted Trump’s online offload the ongoing investigations, public statements and tweets made about the department about people in the department about cases pending in the department and about Judges before whom We have cases make it in for me to do my job, so even within all this political infighting and debate over who President Trump can trust is justice. Department is clearly making moves into exert its independence, the justice department.

How, usually, is this department, outside prosecutor in Michael Flynn case like to watch for, indeed, always care Phillips in Florida? This morning we really appreciate it subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News at 4.
The Justice department has hired an outside prosecutor to conduct a review into the case of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

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