Trump rallies NASCAR crowd as Democrats race for Nevada

By | February 17, 2020

Trump rallies NASCAR crowd as Democrats race for Nevada
Trump rallies NASCAR crowd as Democrats race for Nevada
What are the tickets for the president? If there’s no denying Donald Trump knows his audience? First, a flyby above the 100,000 people at the Daytona 500. Then these words, you are anything, but there was more Trump’s visit, also included a drive around inside the presidential limousine, with Millions more watching on TV, knowing NASCAR and tend to vote Republican, and this was the day after Trump’s stage. What’S said to be the biggest fundraising dinner in US history $ 580,000, a couple raising some 10 million dollars for Trump’s real in bed.

For Democrats. Meanwhile, that other rapes, the one for the White House, is now focused on Nevada. We’Re early voters turned out this weekend. Casting ballots for next weekend, State caucus, former FrontRunner, Joe Biden, current front-runner, Bernie Sanders and the rest all pushing for votes in their battle to take on Trump directly as Sanders put it last night, Donald Trump term, president you’re out of here. Indeed, despite Trump’s big weekend, he also hit a speed bump from more than a thousand former officials with the US Department of Justice.

A public letter calling for the resignation of trumpeter General Bill bar after bar last week acted to ease a prison sentence for Trump Ally. Rodger, Stone Trump had pressed for a lesser sentence bar took steps toward that, but denies it was on Trump’s directive. The letter calls their behaviour a grave threat to the fair administration of justice. Still none of that seemed to matter today. In Daytona USA.
U.S. President Donald Trump rallied supporters at a NASCAR race on Sunday while Democrats continued their race to the White House before the Nevada primary.

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