‘Trump has dragged Zelensky into partisan US politics’

By | December 11, 2019

‘Trump has dragged Zelensky into partisan US politics’
‘Trump has dragged Zelensky into partisan US politics’
Lynskey faces desperately needs. Usa. He doesn’t care how you know whether the president is a Republican or Democrat. The problem that is crazy for him by Donald Trump’s approach, is he’s being sucked into pipe or enter Pakistan American politics. He understands very well. I just been trying to to keep some distance with a reasonable amount of success, but that is one of the dangers of what Donald Trump has been trying to do: the accusation of undermining national interests that is directed against them. A long-standing war against Russia by withdrawing or threatening to withdraw whether or not it was part of a quid pro quo pro and subsequently giving box in Ukraine is approved by the president.
Robert Parsons tells François Picard’s panel on The Debate that Ukraine President Zelensky has been dragged into partisan US politics by President Trump. He also says that Zelensky doesn’t care if the US President is a Democrat or a Republican, he is only interested in aid for Ukraine.

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