Trump blasts Macron for ‘very nasty comment’ at NATO summit

By | December 10, 2019

Trump blasts Macron for ‘very nasty comment’ at NATO summit
Trump blasts Macron for ‘very nasty comment’ at NATO summit
Let’S go to London Now ctv’s Vanessa Lee is standing by for us Vanessa. Let’S start with prime minister Trudeau and President Trump they are set to meet this morning. What can we expect? We can expect them to the discusses at the new Canada, US Mexico, the new NAFTA deal on Marcia, as well as a number of other as well, including a cybersecurity Ico. Terrorism certainly is going to be a big Topic at the stomach as well as specially. I m in light of Friday’s, attach here that killed two people, particularly between French president and US President Donald Trump after the military, the numbers now my car is not directly referring to, but obviously talking about Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria without notifying America’s Allies and locked out, that’s my calls or insulting. France need Leto far more than the US. I’M, however, Trump did send that NATO is important, that it serves great purpose, and that is significant as well as questioning is the importance of NATO. Nato has been incredibly successful that it has brought two countries who share common values in a challenging an uncertain World Marcia also going to be meeting with Prince Charles tell us about that when we don’t have many details at this point on exactly what we’ll be up There we know that the queen is going to be hosting a reception lights at 6 and its many onlookers right now outside of Buckingham Palace, hoping to get a glimpse of the world leaders as as they arrive for that I’m moving next week. Other there’s been a lot of talk about at Boris, Johnson and Donald Trump. Whether they will be meeting a privately today at Winters were not clear on those details that it seems as though they will only be meeting nice. Things as though mr. Johnson is is trying to do with that, perhaps to distance himself a little bit from Trump, because he does not want Trump to negatively impact. His campaign Trump has promised to stay out of the UK, will do a good job and if he gets it, he did say that she could work with Jeremy corbyn. In fact, he said that he could work with anybody, but at this point thank you for that Vanessa appreciate it.
French President Macron criticized the U.S. withdrawal from Syria and the comments prompted a response from U.S. President Trump.

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