Trump and Bloomberg used to be friends. Now they are waging political war

By | February 16, 2020

Trump and Bloomberg used to be friends. Now they are waging political war
Trump and Bloomberg used to be friends. Now they are waging political war
Koch brothers Trump attack. The Democrats battling to take him on in November, he’s increasingly targeting fellow billionaire in New York. Former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and the former mayor is fighting right back soon. As my time is here with Maura Brian Trump, they share a very long history there, a long history, wolf as Titanic power players in New York, Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg at various times, partnered on different projects. They engaged socially and praise each other for what each a done for the city, what they split politically, when Trump declare for president and tonight, it’s clear that Donald Trump sees Michael Bloomberg as a threat.

Like he’s a lightweight the way they talk about each other. Now you’d think they’ve been enemies for life, but back in New York Back in the Day, a different Dynamic, and I have to say you have been a great America 2013, that New York City, Mayor, Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump lavished Praise on each other after Trump Helped Bloomberg convert a trash dump in the Bronx into a high-end Golf Course. Analysts say that partnership actually could have been the Genesis of their falling-out, because going to 2016 interview with Wolf, Blitzer Trump took all the credit for the project I took it over.

I got it knocked up in one year and now it’s a tremendous success. Michael asked me. If I get involved Bloomberg thought that was an exaggeration is former aide thought. That was an exaggeration and it sort of split between though, but before then Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg appear to get along or at least found each other useful Trump back. Bloomberg’S ever to run for charm is New York’s mayor. They golf together. Bloomberg appeared on Trump’s, NBC, show The Apprentice and their daughter’s appeared in an HBO documentary called born, rich, but analysts say in the real world of New York, business and philanthropy and that world it was Bloomberg who was the star, and it was Trump who was the One who is always looking for acceptance and rarely getting it during all of his life Donald Trump, has longed for the approval of the New York establishment.

Mike Bloomberg was the New York establishment. Now the two are being compared and contrasted under a microscope. Both switch political parties repeatedly and were unexpected winners in their biggest elections, both became billionaires, although on the Forbes list of the wealthiest Americans at the end of last year, Michael Bloomberg ranked 8th with 53.4 billion dollars, while Trump rank 275th with 3.1 billion themselves. They’Re. Both very wealthy people, but Bloomberg came from a more working-class background and Donald Trump.

Of course, there’s a lot of money from his father to run ran his business. They had battle Mike Bloomberg and Donald Trump will be nastier than anything we staying in politics. Perhaps in a hundred years it had these. These are two people who are not afraid to fight and they’re, not afraid to fight. In very personal way. Analysts say the reason Donald Trump appears to fear Michael Bloomberg is that he realizes Bloomberg. Has the resources millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars at Bloomberg, can spend on ads highly produced.

I said he can use to keep attacking Trump in the most personal of ways: wolf, Bryan times. . Thank you very, very much.
CNN’s Brian Todd gives the scoop on the political rivalry and history between President Donald Trump and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as they both compete in the 2020 Presidential race. #CNN #News

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