Trump Administration Deploying Tactical Border Patrol Officers To Sanctuary Cities | MSNBC

By | February 16, 2020

Trump Administration Deploying Tactical Border Patrol Officers To Sanctuary Cities | MSNBC
Trump Administration Deploying Tactical Border Patrol Officers To Sanctuary Cities | MSNBC
President Trump continuing to Target so-called Sanctuary cities across these United States, big breaking story from the New York Times today, border patrol is going to use tactical agents to Crackdown on immigrant communities. This is according to two officials, were familiar with the secret operation. The times reports specially-trained tactical units based at the southern border, or going to be used in an effort to beef up the enforcement power of local Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

Doing now is one of the reporters who broke his face New York Times kind of young as he broke with Caitlin Dickerson. He covers Homeland Security for the New York Times. You got your hands on or read a memo here describing what’s going to happen, walked us through that. What we know what’s going to happen to you over these next few months, so CBP recently ntdp, be in Customs and Border Protection, recently approved a request from the leadership of ice to send over about a hundred different agents, including the Tactical agents that you just referenced.

Those agents going to cities, most of them Sanctuary cities throughout the United States. Some of those cities include New York and Chicago the Tactical agents that we’re referencing are from a unit no bortac bortac, usually they’re known for conducting high intensity investigation, cracking down on stash houses, going tracking drug smugglers even going abroad to maybe train other enforcement officials. Are the border patrol SWAT team and ice feels that they are behind right now in terms of arresting Kentucky administrative arrests on the number of undocumented immigrants in the sanctuary cities, so they’ve requested backup and that backup is coming in the form of border patrol SWAT team? You cover this day in and day out and and I want to get to what you just mentioned their the purported need for this to happen in the piece that you and Caitlin report there’s the Spectre of the fear that this is going to come sleepy fastest Way to have on these immigrant communities and as you report this out as you look at this, how much of this Century’s on bad, creating that created instability in these communities that have these Sanctuary policies in place vs.

the knee the border patrols need to have this Kind of when you look at a ministrative arrests already I mean this goes back to the the the the ice Rays from last year that we’re going after a certain amount of families who, across the border, I struggle to to get the rest that they wanted. Out of that, because awareness was raised, people don’t have to open their doors when, when an ice agent goes to their house. So the idea that you would have these tactical agents with all this. We have talked to people who do question the need for those agents with all of that technical equipment.

So then you go to well, then why would they be present there? Why those agents and many people that we’ve talked to have I’m brought up the idea of the appearance. You know we look at what has happened the past couple of weeks in terms of the messaging, as well as the concrete steps that the Administration has taken. Two against certain things, namely New York. You know you could go back to Global Entry, the Department of Homeland Security band, enrollment and re-enrollment for New Yorkers to apply for Global Entry, citing a state law to green light, which gives drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants end in band access, DHHS access to their driver’s License database, the Department of Justice is also filed, lawsuits against Sanctuary cities regarding their policies as well.

Some juicy this as a part of that pattern of in terms of Trump’s battle against Sanctuary cities. Someone hitting on the interagency component of this, which is so crucial at this time on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you.
Zolan Kanno-Youngs, Homeland Security Reporter for The New York Times, joins David Gura to discuss reports that the Trump administration will deploy 100 tactical Border Patrol officers to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 10 so-called sanctuary cities across the nation.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump Administration Deploying Tactical Border Patrol Officers To Sanctuary Cities | MSNBC

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