Trudeau questioned about speaking out against human rights issues

By | February 14, 2020

Trudeau questioned about speaking out against human rights issues
Trudeau questioned about speaking out against human rights issues
Senegal, the Prime Minister, saw the hallways enslave. Men, women and children once walked in the door of no return where people were loaded onto slave ships. Never to see Africa again, Idris Elba, to remember into act movie on this terrible part about past incredible human rights. But today he is also facing questions about whether he is doing enough to speak up about problems. Now Justin Trudeau has come to Senegal to thank an Allied for supporting Canada’s bid. When the UN Security Council seat, the Prime Minister has insisted his International charm campaign hasn’t stopped him from speaking frankly about human rights back some rights are getting a lot of attention.

Empowering you, through Sports funding, to help with girls. There’S one issue: Trudeau Embraces at home, but he’s quieter about here and sending out homosexual acts are criminal and Human Rights Watch says: lgbtq people are protected from violence did say he raised. The issue is Senegal president briefly phobic there’s a gay parade. You can’t do that because our society doesn’t accept it. He says he brushed off another question about homophobia and walked away.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced questions about addressing human rights issues with his international counterparts during a visit to Senegal.

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