Trudeau on pipeline protests: ‘Resolve this as quickly as possible’

By | February 14, 2020

Trudeau on pipeline protests: ‘Resolve this as quickly as possible’
Trudeau on pipeline protests: ‘Resolve this as quickly as possible’
The Prime Minister, he is in Senegal, he’s continuing his push for support for Canada’s un Security Council bid. We want to see during a news conference, though, just a few moments ago, the Prime Minister was asked about his message to the anti pipeline protest. Here’S what he said, regular updates and will be speaking with ministers a little later today on exactly this issue. We recognize the important Democratic right and we will always defend it, a peaceful protest. This is an important part of our democracy in Canada.

We are also a country of the rule of law and we need to make sure those laws are respected. That is why I will be. I am I in bridging all parties to dialog to resolve this as quickly as possible impact on freight across this country. Play a Sonata, while with more on that so Michelle, let’s begin with that warning from CN Railway, if the blockades don’t go, what are they saying that traffic is going to come to a complete standstill, they’re, going to shut down significant portion, the network and we’re talking About these portions, the corridor between Toronto and Montreal connecting the eastern and western parts of this country also a significant Corridor in British Columbia that goes out to the West Coast is a big deal when she imagined all that red on your screen being a traffic jam In more traffic adds to it will the situation gets worse, which is why I can put out a statement yesterday saying that the blockades need to go.

Take a look at what the president and CEO CEO of CNN sent. As they say. We are currently parking trains across our network, but due to limited available, space for such CN will have no choice but to temporarily discontinue service in key corridors. Unless the blockade come to an end. The CEO also bring the fact that Supply chains are impacted here, and it also hurts Canada internationally, because when I products cannot get to Tidewater, that is not good for the economy. Also, it doesn’t show Canada off as as a very good trading partner.

If Supply chains are impacted because of these Blockheads okay, so it’s obviously having a major impact on Commerce and freight and now a new concern about consequences on our drinking water. What’S that about yo, how do we clean drinking water in many municipalities across this country? Chlorine? You can’t stop pile chlorine because it is volatile, it is dangerous and there is a letter that was sent from a major chlorine manufacturer to the minister of France, Forks warning that municipalities might be running out of chlorine to purify drinking water.

Take a look at what the CEO of the Olin Corporation sent to Mark Darnell, 85 % of Canadians. Will drinking water is treated by chlorine derivative to keep it clean and safe from pathogens? We are concerned that consumers of municipalities will not receive shipments of vital chemicals during chlorine within one week and, if you’re wondering why not ship it by truck well, apparently I can only be transported by train. It is the safest way to transport it again. A volatile products reached out to minister Mark garneau’s office for response to the specific concern, and he says they’re concerned with the Impala Blockheads, are having on the movement of goods across the country.

The government has seized with the issue and we’re working across the number of Department to find a solution to this issue, this specific issues, so I think a lot of people waiting to see and what we have heard from the federal government is a lot of deviating And saying: listen: this is in the hands of the Ontario provincial government about this particular blockade, so they’re waiting to see what happens first.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged all parties in the pipeline protests to ‘resolve this as quickly as possible.’


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