Trudeau cancels Barbados trip as new protests crop up

By | February 17, 2020

Trudeau cancels Barbados trip as new protests crop up
Trudeau cancels Barbados trip as new protests crop up
Prime minister Justin Trudeau was canceling his trip to the Caribbean this week. It’S all in an effort to address the ongoing was so it’s in dispute in The Blockheads that have sprung up across the country and support. No Trudeau has been facing criticism for not returning. I’M from Africa when the blockade started over a week ago, a statement from the prime minister’s office says he will convene the incident Response Group tomorrow in order to address infrastructure disruptions and to discuss the next steps forward.

The statement go on to say that their priority Remains The Safety and Security of all Canadians and the Swift resolution of the issue to restore service across the rail system in accordance with the law. Meanwhile, it has been another day of protest cross this country from the maritimes to the West Coast. Demonstrators are showing support for BC’s. What’S so it in hereditary Chiefs and their opposition to a pipeline project. If we stand together, we actually hold a lot of land in Canada, and if we stand together as one we can do a lot.

If you knew a lot shutdown, Canada are blocking or delay multiple locations and times and egg Ontario the site of the most contentious blockade. Autobot held its first talks with mohawk leaders. Their protest has halted real service four days along the vital Corridor linking Toronto to Eastern. Can well, there was modest progress. The blockade remains in place. No one protest begin this afternoon at the Pei entrance to the Confederation Bridge, which links the island to the mainland. The cbc’s is Sarah McMillan has more.

On that day, stration activist started Gathering here in Borden. Carlton at around noon today was started with about a dozen activists grew to more than 30 by late afternoon on the median of the road leading to the Confederation Bridge. There are a few cars and that’s the actress or gathered as well. There’S been some drumming and singing and many people are holding signs and their partially blocking one lane of traffic, but cars and trucks are still able to get through and get onto the Confederation Bridge, Heather r, f, u r CMP officer is here and they see that Really, their role has just been to help direct traffic, and here it just in case of any violence, but they say they really don’t have concerns that everything has been very peaceful here so far.

Now that sound actress I spoke with said, they originally hoped to do a little bit more of a blockade is, it is never a plan to block cars from getting onto the bridge before they had hoped to block transport truck to say when it started at noon. Today, for the small group here, so it wasn’t really feasible larger groups. Something are still interested in possibly blocking traffic, more so blocking those transport truck other saying they are actually interested in that they say they really just want to bring attention to the issue and they say slowing down traffic, a cheese that a message for them to get The message out to are some people handing out flyers to phone those cars as they slow down, describing what’s happening in BC.

The actress say you don’t even really inspired and motivated across the country ministration, and they really just felt it was time to do something here. On Pei as well to show its support for the wet’suwet’en hereditary cheese. Does it send to this province’s well here today there are people from local, Big Lots, communities, as well as others who just want to show their ass. Ana 7th Street Ocean is expected to continue until noon tomorrow. Sarah McMillan CBC News borden-carleton, as we mentioned, probably the most disruptive real blockade in the country so far, is the 1in X and mega Ontario all the train traffic between Toronto and Montreal in Eastern Canada.

The minister of indigenous Services held Marathon talks with mohawk leaders on Saturday CBC is Olivia. Stefanovic brings us the latest by the tracks. This is day 11 of their demonstration. People have been coming by with supplies firewood food he’s a hawk say they don’t plan to leave anytime soon. Despite a key meeting yesterday, with indigenous Services, Minister Mark Miller visited the community and spoke with the mohawks for more than nine hours. The minister Describe the meeting afterwards as open, Frank and painful.

At times they discuss the situation in northern BC. The Mohawk say they won’t leave these camps until RCMP. What’S sodium territory the minister says he’s going to bring those concerns to the federal government and try to Fast Track that issue for the Mohawks also want the minister to discuss historical grievances. They have with Canada the Mohawks. Your have a land dispute. Cn rail had no right to lay the tracks where they did so. This is why the Mohawks have set up camp right beside the line here effectively of forcing the real company D to shut down rail service across most parts of the country.

The minister says that modest progress was made yesterday, but more work needs to be done. According to the prime minister’s office, Miller spoke to Justin Trudeau. Before and after yesterday’s meeting it’s Sunday today, so cabinet won’t meet until next Tuesday unless they meet sometime before then. Unless there’s an emergency meeting called Miller said that he he needs to discuss next steps with his cabinet colleagues and he hopes that all this can end peacefully. But for now there is no end in sight.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had planned to secure votes in the Caribbean for Canada’s bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

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