Troy Aikman wants to be the Cowboys’ GM, but Jerry Jones is in the way – Max Kellerman | First Take

By | December 11, 2019

Troy Aikman wants to be the Cowboys’ GM, but Jerry Jones is in the way – Max Kellerman | First Take
Troy Aikman wants to be the Cowboys’ GM, but Jerry Jones is in the way – Max Kellerman | First Take
Detroit Jason Garrett still have an incredible affection for him and try to sort of blame to some degree. Tim is not. Why is Aikman saying this? The question is, why is Aikman saying this now 23 years since the Superbowl, he was the last Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, without which, by the way, the Cowboys even be in the discussion for the greatest of all franchise right like another, with three championships took place right There it’s most of their Championship. Why? Now? I don’t think it’s Garrett, Stephen A, I think, you’re onto something the issue here is there will be change in Dallas coming up right. So maybe that’s the Catalyst for him saying talk about it now, but I don’t think it’s Garrett. This is what I can. This is just a theory. I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to anyone, but Troy Aikman wants to be a GM right and it ain’t going to be for the Dallas Cowboys and he’s her it’s. It’S so kind of a pre-emptive strike against that rejection, cuz that wasn’t looking for a GM, because Jerry Jones and now Steven Jones who’s a better GM than Jerry or running that team and so-and-so Aikman knows it’s not going to be a job, I’m sure he actually. That’S not going to be his job, and so the cops are off like okay. You want to know why I’m not going to be the GM and Dallas you same reason: Dallas can’t win. You need to do in Dallas changes in the way and right now, I think eight then probably believes he’s in his way. Okay. First of all, this has nothing to do with Jason Garrett. One to be, I mean pregnant woman. Gm number one where in the hell does that even come from the male, was asked what you think about or consider going to be in the front office for the Cowboys. Everybody knows what Troy Aikman said is what cinnamon has been for years and as much Steven may I hear you about Jason Garrett, but can we please stop with the Jason Garrett thing? You have said on your show a number of times Max. I said on the show a number 2 hit showing number of times and talked about the fact that Jerry Jones doesn’t want to fire Jason Garrett because of a relationship. That’S the issue. This is not. We are not talking about anything new. What’S the problem with the Dallas Cowboys now. are the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones has held onto Jason Garrett to lost it just like saying well as a parent in the house? If you can keep doing something and you don’t get rid of them, it’s the kid fault. Are you don’t chastise them? It’S the at some point. You got to look at the paradise. Why does this keep happening? Have you talked to your child about why they’re doing this? Have you looked him in the eye and told him what the expectation is and if they don’t meet the expectation expectation that would be play when I try to beat a GM framing up there, making 5 6 million dollars a year? Like you said Steven A on the number one team for fights calling game, he seems to be happy to me. He seems not to have a lot of stress and we going to sit here and talk about he’s. Trying try to find his way into being a gif with the Cowboys. For years he undermined Jerry Jones undermined Wade, Phillips with Jason Garrett. He undermined what sales with bringing in, to which, I think was a great decision by the way by Jerry Jones Castillo, ended up Ballin out and doing a tremendous job on the team. But this is always been about Jerry Jones, the Cowboys deficiencies and where they, like. Listen to what I’m saying to you, I’m not going to stop about Jason Garrett in the reason why I’m not going to stop. Is this reason we know he has to go. You declare that we damn sure know I have, and I think that Troy Aikman the fact that he has spoken so much about Jerry Jones over the last two weeks, I’m making the argument New England lost where Jerry Jones and the Cowboys lost New England, because this Season North Steven Amex calls games in the NFL if it doesn’t behoove you to talk about a coach getting fired when you got to go sit in meetings and get information and talk about these guys during the game when he was asked about in the front office. Has been talking about Jerry Jones will not relent. I understand not wanting to just offer up opinions when you got to sit in meetings with people because you’re covering the league to talk about. Let me let me respond to you by saying this: are we not all operating from the standpoint that Jason Garrett will be fired and we’re all operating from the standpoint that this is taking Dallas Cowboy? We are all operating that Jerry Jones should have gotten a while ago, right, Melody right now, not being all in because they are probably looking for jobs. Knowing what’s coming down for you personally, because you would know this better than most bright. Was there not a cold? Read kind of situation in 2013, when that was the third consecutive year that Jason Garrett have finished an eight and it lost the season finale for The Division. Title on the line being on YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN, Plus
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears react to Cowboys legend Troy Aikman criticizing owner Jerry Jones for Dallas’ problems when asked about the possibility of joining the Cowboys’ front office.
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