Trae Young: NBA All-Star, Team USA snub, Luka Doncic comparisons & favorite PG matchups | First Take

By | February 14, 2020

Trae Young: NBA All-Star, Team USA snub, Luka Doncic comparisons & favorite PG matchups | First Take
Trae Young: NBA All-Star, Team USA snub, Luka Doncic comparisons & favorite PG matchups | First Take
What does it mean to you to be voting All Star to me just watching the game growing up as a kids, always dreaming about playing in the All-Star Game on being considered, as one of the best players in the league has always been a dream of mine? Dress outfit in my second year is this a blessing, and I realize that congratulations and the questions as to whether you could succeed with your style in the NBA averaging 2930 and 9, with 4 1/2 boards and Steel by the way, as of 21 inferior to you, The reason why, but for me it’s a it’s a it’s a humbling experience.

I wish I want to go and represent my country. I work hard and but now I just left the office for so many years like a. How can we get guys to want to play on this team play for the team and yeah yeah? It is for me – and I know so much about the history of the game and even though long as I get to go on and just be around the the the the staffs in the the Danes and just learn from those guys, you know if you don’t Make the roster just going out there and competing and and learning from those guys so when the next Olympics, and all that I mean you’re you’re there and you’re you’re in the system and you you’re ready for it.

So this is definitely tough. Whenever I found out with you and make it let’s, let me get down to this because I think one of the things that has to be appreciated about you and you’re doing Luca donchak is the rate everybody’s been talkin about Luka doncic. And what he’s been doing this season and MVP candidate? We have to sit out the last seven games with an ankle. Injury could have had him and instead, what they did was trades on draft picks today, ultimately ended up acquiring you, and so a lot of people.

Look at you and they look at Lucca and obviously you’re going to look at you and they’re going to compare. Do you ever feel when you’re on the basketball court? I have you ever show me your career, like I got to show up at produced because this is who they could have had and they chose me to be honest. I feel that way I feel like I have to show them produced, because I feel like that’s what I’m called to do and that’s what I do. I’Ve always had that mindset, regardless of who I was traded for, is not going out there trying to produce and then stay well, because I was traded because in for Luca, it’s just us is in My DNA I’ll, go out and try to produce every regardless of The situation, so I don’t know if they get into the tray.

I know everybody, the fans and everybody’s going to talk about it and it’s going to be that way to we’re both too tired. But I don’t let that affect me and I’ll just go out and try produce regardless when they made that deal they couldn’t have. Possibly even imagine that you’d already be as good as you are right. So it’s not about your ass or tits, which is exceeded even the highest expectation, Isabel Lucas performance, which is been like otherworldly, which is like 10 feet taller than, but that’s besides the point, do you feel to Stevens Point like put all that aside, your linked to Him, because that are you trying to be recognized as a better player than Luka doncic, trying to be considered by the by the end of this all to be one of the best players of all-time.

It’S not nearest Lucas, not my it’s, not my mindset and I try to go out and Pete and just try to be the best player in the league regardless. I want to know – and I’m asking you this question to direct question that I’m asking you is. Are you timid, not let me have. Let me tell you why I’m asking that question because y’all 129 games last year right now, y’all only got fifteen when you’re struggling a little bit this year. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know. If anybody go watch the Hawks, I have a conversation with management.

I definitely one of those talks and I mean I want to win when I do sit down and talk with your your front office and your coaches and all that so yeah yeah. I have, but this is all that waiting for me and for me I trust I trust organization and and what the moves David making and what they’re going to make it. So for me, it’s just focused on getting better and try to build. My me, the rookies & Beyond got on his team, make them better to Max. I will say it’s a lot easier to trust. You know where you living in the ATL deck other guards Molly.

This is so many good guys in his lie. It’S every-night it’s 1. Now stash does those three guys, probably cuz, we I consider them coming into the lead, their three best three best in the league and so I’m gon na, because those guys it’s definitely II. Who is your idol growing up where you were like as an NBA player? I want to bet that’s the guy, Steve Nash, Steve till he’s, not here anymore right. That type of special, like Kobe you could tell when he played Jordan, was especially important. Man probably stop and you can pull up from the parking lot but you’re so miniature.

You got guys like I’m going to hurt him, don’t let the smile fool you I’m still. Stuffed.
Trae Young’s Diary on ESPN:
Atlanta Hawks PG Trae Young joins First Take ahead of All-Star Weekend in Chicago to discuss how excited he is to be an All-Star, comparisons to Dallas Mavericks star Luka Donic and talks about some of his favorite players to match up against.
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