Trae Young is confused and hurt over Team USA snub | NBA Interview

By | February 14, 2020

Trae Young is confused and hurt over Team USA snub | NBA Interview
Trae Young is confused and hurt over Team USA snub | NBA Interview
Trey give me three words to describe your season so far as tough challenging would be one learning V2 and then I’m at the ad / between growing pains in challenging and a growing pain this year. So young has been tired of restarted Five, Guys, 22 and younger. I think challenging part is, is finishing out, games, closing games against guys were veterans and Veteran teens teens and David Growing Pains is just that, like we’re all young and coming to this year, trying to build that chemistry and just grow out.

Think that’s. That’S fine, especially considering the youth that you guys have. What was the thing that you are most proud of so far this year, just just how much better guys have gotten more confident guys like cam reddish have gotten DeAndre Hunter has been more consistent. Getting John. Got, the suspension has been vinca and I think it’s doing that chemistry has been good came out and you weren’t on that list and you said that you’d be lying. If you weren’t a little bit hurt a little bit disappointed, but that’s not a final list.

What do you think you have left to do left to prove in order to crack that roster? I don’t know I am obviously I was kind of hurt that I didn’t make the the 44 players and felt like I deserve to be on that list. But for me it’s not going to stop me from from working hard and can get better. I have a team, I need you to continue focus on and yeah like I said I would be lying to you if I said I wouldn’t hurt about it but yeah I just I just got to continue to focus. I don’t I don’t know what the final this was say if I finally getting getting added to the list, but yeah, I want to see when that time comes experienced a lot of winning in your career before you got into the NBA.

What do you do mentally to take care of yourself to learn how to lose, and hopefully two then eventually turn that around the AutoZone? In the guys I look up to, I mean growing up north KC, seeing KD common Andres I come in when they were early on in my career struggle and then they got Jay is James, Harden, obviously into seeing that that grows in that process on there. One in 27 games two years in a row and then making the playoffs and just decide that jump, and it only takes just a little bit of momentum in just seeing different guy start to leave that I’ve gone to come the same thing I’m going through just Looking at their history and and what it takes it to get over that hump and tell her that’s, probably the positive and motivated thing for me is just seeing guy that I’ve been in my position before I really get over that mountain and make a big chance For you to be on a sub 500 team, but to also be an All-Star, I told you all time win and take care of everything.

So for me I knew if we won MVP in the All-Star and and all that would have taken care of itself. So for me, being all star and and all that it just because it shows, I mean the respect that I have in this league from from fans and media and awesome appears as being voted in top three and then all of those categories. It just shows the respect I have I’m from the people around me. Speaking of respect, you have you’ve. You’Ve had to make Defenders, respect you from very, very, very deep out on the court.

How confident are you when you’re pulling up from the logo and taking those shots? I work extremely hard on on my range and just just working more my touch so I mean regardless of where I’m at on the court. I know where I’m in range at and where I have that type of touch that so it sucks I’ve built over the years and just focusing on the basics, in the fundamentals of shooting, in my form, in the touch of shooting. So, as I got older and stronger, I was able to scoop my range out more more and that’s just how I’ve ever been able to shoot enough are all over the place.

Is memory is going to be everywhere? You were his daughter G. When is favorite player? What is your most cherished memory with him, and how would you want to thank him if you could one last time? All I can really do from here on out is is play as hard as I can play, as I mean play as tough as I can. The rest of my career, I mean Kobe before his daughter. I know the last time I talked to him and he just told me how much money are proud of you, that’s him. You was for me and how happy he was for me, and I’m just want to see me continue to be a role model for free for young kids and obviously I was a role model for his daughter, and so just me as just to continue to be A great person off the court and that’s that’s – how I’m be able to to Really represent Kobe and his family is just to continue to be that.

. . Limelight and I’m just be apart.
Trae Young sits down with Malika Andrews to break down his challenges with the Atlanta Hawks, while also explaining his hurt feelings over being snubbed from Team USA. Young shares that he plans to play as hard as he can for the rest of his career to honor Kobe and Gianna Bryant going forward.

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