Tracy McGrady to D-Wade: I never told Kobe how much I appreciated him, so I’m telling you | The Jump

By | February 14, 2020

Tracy McGrady to D-Wade: I never told Kobe how much I appreciated him, so I’m telling you | The Jump
Tracy McGrady to D-Wade: I never told Kobe how much I appreciated him, so I’m telling you | The Jump
It has been lovely chatting with you. Have you appear talk about your hometown, your documentary, I want to know the living in La now as you do you get the up close front row seat to your good friend, LeBron James, and he is in his 17th season leading Lakers team at the top of The West on him for almost 20 years, but what are you learning about him now? We all know it’s just incredible. What he’s been able to do it from a standpoint of his health? You know he’s real he’s he’s really when I wash them in Miami to now.

You know just watching the way that he focuses on his body and his mind in order to continue to go out every year and then he’ll be arguably the the greatest player in the game. You know, you know how mentally tough. is also, what up? That’S what I’m impressed I’m impressed about his his mental approach to the game of basketball morsel in the physical in the in the stats, and all that does is great, but just the way he loves the game. He looks like a kid every night that he plays the game of basketball in for someone who’s been covered, since he was 16 years old and has to do so much.

You know from the standpoint of commercials and movies and this and that he still has that love and that attention to detail to the game of basketball and it just great to watch. I got a question for you: do in LA now. Do you see some struggles out there, where you make encounter Lakers stats to look at the game like that? No more, I see that what transpired, with Kobe play, really got a chance cuz. You know I came in with him and I really never got a chance to tell him how much I appreciate him. So I want to tell D-Wade competing against him in the Eastern Conference when I was in Orlando and when I moved to Houston I mean I got it.

I competed against how much of you know he really meant to the game. His approach to the game is tenacity, ferocious competitor, so I just want to tell him how much I appreciate you your greatness. I mean it was amazing to watch Ula from afar and to compete against this guy I mean it was. It was amazing, said I want a piggyback off of that and say that, since my career was over, you and Kobe Bryant, my favorite two players to watch. You guys have inspired me to watch basketball night in and night out. The way you played the way you approach the game, it gave me so much energy to why I feel like number two and number free to guard that I’ve ever seen.

I would put Michael verse surpass them, but this dude was a hell of a player. I want to revisit a couple of moments from this great career. We keep talking about it’s time to play. What were you thinking with Dwyane Wade? What were you thinking? I was thinking about the shot makes the shot, if you don’t make it Varejao back in 2009. We show that highlight here Wego, you know what and I had to do something for me. Your first impression, when you saw the banana boat photos situation so much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more Sports analysis and highlights download the ESPN app and for live streaming and premium.

Dwyane Wade joins Rachel Nichols, Scottie Pippen and Tracy McGrady to discuss what D-Wade is learning about Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, and whether he would consider coming back. T-Mac then tells Wade that because he never got a chance to tell Kobe Bryant how much he appreciated playing against him, he wants to let Wade know how much he enjoyed competing against the former Miami Heat star. Finally (3:16) they play “What Were You Thinking” with Wade, discussing the time he broke O.J. Mayo’s ankles, the time he dunked on Anderson Varejao, and the time he saw the “Banana Boat” photo.
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