Thousands honour missing and murdered in Vancouver

By | February 16, 2020

Thousands honour missing and murdered in Vancouver
Thousands honour missing and murdered in Vancouver
The crowd March, slowly through the downtown Eastside each step in memory of an indigenous women who went missing or was murdered. I Memorial March, almost 30 years, the running and important days. Some participants almost never miss a lot in year and this year For the Love of our people, Todd has walked across the country in memory of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, including it the entire Highway of Tears. That’S why I give back today, at the 85 year old walks, with her niece a photo of her onto Rose in her arms the whole way they could never found who Marchers pause every so often along the route to acknowledge the spot, where an indigenous women was Last seen the first Vancouver women’s March was held in 1992 in response to the murder of a woman on Howell Street indigenous women face disproportionate levels of violence, and that’s something supporters say it needs to change.

I think that’s what it’s all about is awareness, there’s just not enough out of their more people are worried about some virus that happening overseas more than what’s happening in their own backyard. Advocates say it’s important to remember: missing and murdered indigenous women in the downtown Eastside, but that a lot more needs to be done to keep indigenous women safe. Just to be able to talk about women’s health and safety and to be able to talk about the enormous amount of violence that spacing women in this neighborhood in particular, that largely goes ignored unnoticed, an unreported or just completely, not believe, starts one-step-at-a-time.

Thousands of people gathered in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Friday afternoon for the 29th annual Women’s Memorial March for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

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